The Best Cappuccinos in the Bay Area


Need a legit excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee?

Recent studies show that caffeine is a neuro-protectant. And you know it makes you feel good. And the Bay Area is positively buzzing with delicious cappuccinos topped with artful froth. So why not get cozy with cup at some of our best local coffee shops that elevate the combination of double espresso and steamed milk.

Tosca Cafe

What makes it special: "The original home of the famous cappuccino" is a great place to get a solid cup of coffee. Tosca has been a North Beach fixture since 1919. Need some extra oomph in your brew? Order the house cappuccino, a decadent drink made with Ghirardelli chocolate, steamed milk, and brandy.

Location: 242 Columbus Ave. (North Beach),

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