Treat her to organic, pure CBD-infused bath soaks. (Courtesy of Verte Essentials)

8 ​Last-Minute Gifts for Ganja Mamas


So you've waited till the last minute to get your mom a gift—we're not judging.

But it's time to get your act together and you gotta make it good. Head to your local dispensary or surf over to your favorite online delivery for high-quality cannabis presents that will feel both personal and functional. She doesn't even have to smoke.

3Leaf Quinoa Granola Bites

(Courtesy of @3leafedibles)

Oakland-based 3Leaf Edibles makes its cannabis-infused snacks with all natural ingredients sourced in California, so Mom can eat them for breakfast, take them on a hike, or enjoy an evening treat without compromising her whole food approach to eating. The Quinoa Granola Bites rely on honey to give them a bit of sweetness, and each bite packs fiber and protein thanks to the quinoa and flax. Each bite has 10mg THC (10 pieces per package). // Available at dispensaries throughout SF;

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