There's a lot to choose from in the wonderful world of Bay Area weed. (Courtesy of Eaze)

The Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Best Dispensaries, Deliveries, Artisan Edibles + More


Cannabis is like sex—because of course it is—but the analogy is sound and something to keep in mind in 2019, Year No. 2 of recreational marijuana legalization in California.

With cannabis available for anyone 21 and over to purchase since Jan. 1, 2018, there have been countless first experiences, long-overdue returns after years away, and significant exploration of boundaries and desires. Many of them were awkward and weird—maybe not at all what was expected. If your first time with an edible or a vape pen ended early and alone, or your first time out with a new product was a disaster or just a dud, fear not. Experimentation is rewarded with experience. Once you actually know what you're doing, everything is easier—and better.

Remember this mantra if you find yourself bored or missing the liminal thrill of your first few innocent trips into a dispensary, back when marijuana legalization was fresh and everything was all brand new. Just as you wouldn't really want to go back to high school, you would be frivolous to wish for those old days of naiveté and uncertainty. For both first-timers and cannabis connoisseurs readjusting to a new landscape, last year was very much a trial run, for everyone involved.

In the last year, trusted brands have come and gone, savvy influencers have sprung up out of nowhere and faded away just as fast (or returned to their marketing jobs), and some old names have struggled to keep up. In between all this, President Donald Trump(!) signing the Farm Bill legalizing hemp(!!) has led to a hemp-based CBD craze in all 50 states.

Amid all this, cannabis companies recognize that, along with normalcy and a measure of respect—this is a plant purchased over the counter by anyone 21 and over, after all, with less reason to hide your weed away and more freedom to openly embrace a happy and healing herb—continuity and predictability are what all consumers want. Cannabis aficionados are no different. While the industry and the marketplace both continue to evolve, sometimes rapidly, there's been just enough coalescence for everything to make sense.

With all this in mind, please enjoy 7x7's mindfully curated go-to guide. Let our experience work for you.

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High-End Cannabis Dispensaries & Deliveries in the Bay Area

(Courtesy of @moegreens_sf)

A new generation of sophisticated pot shops is making us feel at home with concierges, chandeliers, and VIP lounges. And, of course, on-demand delivery. Here are our favorite places in the Bay Area to buy grade-A flowers, artisanal edibles, and more.


San Francisco: If Original Joe's served marijuana in mid-century splendor instead of steak and Manhattans, the result would be the spacious Moe Greens (1276 Market St., Civic Center), a welcome addition to the Mid-Market mix. The green-upholstered lounge is the closest place to legally purchase and consume marijuana before a show at the Graham, and it can get crowded—luckily the High Roller Room takes reservations. // In the shadow of the Twitter building is the resurrected Vapor Room (79 Ninth St., SoMa), a mainstay of the medical era that was put on hiatus by the federal Justice Department. The new VR has familiar faces in the sunny and cozy space, a menu that emphasizes quality over quantity, and SF's best spot to sit, smoke (or vape), and people watch. // From the chandelier to the art gallery to the carefully selected furniture and exquisite detailing, The Apothecarium's palatial flagship location (2029 Market St, Upper Market) sets the style bar high and is the standard by which other dispensaries are judged—including its satellite locations in the Marina (2414 Lombard St.) and SoMa (527 Howard St.) // The newest addition to the SPARC family (1256 Mission St.; 471 Haight St., Lower Haight) is the quaint confines of the former Love Shack (502 14th St., Upper Market), ideal for an elevated intermezzo during the interminable wait for brunch at Mission Rock Cafe. // The old, stand-in-line-and-beg-at-the-counter model of medical-marijuana retail days died at Harvest (4811 Geary Blvd., Inner Richmond; 33 29th St., Bernal Heights), the first San Francisco dispensaries modeled after lifestyle boutiques where adult customers can browse products before purchasing—and then sit, relax, and enjoy like adults in the on-site lounges. // Loyalty is rewarded at The Green Cross (4218 Mission St., Excelsior), one of the city's longest-operating dispensaries. Loyalty is also made easier by consistent flower at predictably low prices and patient, friendly service. // Before braving the malls and department stores around Powell Street, we dip into Bloom Room (471 Jessie St, SoMa) and stock up on four-gram eighths (a standard eighth-ounce is 3.5 grams) and sneak in a vape session at the bar.

East Bay

World-famous and the nation's busiest dispensary by reputation, much is owed to Harborside (1840 Embarcadero, Oakland) for mainstreaming responsible cannabis use for wellness. They also consistently stock some of the best cannabis in the Bay Area and provide exemplary customer service. Ask the budtenders what they're smoking, and then buy it before they do. // The oldest continuously operating cannabis retail outlet in the United States, Berkeley Patients Group (2366 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley), known as BPG, has some new tricks in the adult-use era, including a vending machine, but is still patient focused: Feedback from BPG helped convince Berkeley lawmakers to cut the local sales tax in half. // Also among Berkeley's old guard cannabis clubs, CBCB (3033 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley) was the model for the community co-op for many years. With experience comes wisdom, as they say, and CBCB has it: Ask for Jay, who may be the longest tenured budtender in the country. // Not every dispensary is legitimately woke, but in addition to $30 top-shelf eighths, CBD pre-rolls, and less-predictable offerings like CBD, just-opened Eco Cannabis (2435 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, Uptown) also employs people of color negatively affected by the drug war. // Seeking solvency in the digital age, Amoeba Records turned to cannabis, but Hi-Fidelity (2465 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley) is more than a weed store where the famous record store's jazz and classical section used to be. Buyer Chris Garcia's carefully selected product lines to spotlight women- and minority-owned companies and emphasize small-batch and sustainable tenets. // Oakland is a union town, and Magnolia (161 Adeline St. Jack London Square), at the gates of the Port of Oakland, is a union dispensary, hosting a monthly "farmer's market" and home to the only (legal) vapor lounge and dab bar in the East Bay.


Whether you're just hitting the beach or the boardwalk or on the way to Big Sur, a trip to Santa Cruz simply must include a visit to Kind Peoples (3600 Soquel Ave., and 533 Ocean St.). Operated by longtime industry veterans and voted Santa Cruz's best dispensary four years running, both locations offer sustainably and locally grown cannabis—terroir matters, ask anyone. // The classiest cannabis dispensary in San Jose is surely the nearby Airfield Supply Company (1190 Coleman Ave.). Spacious and airy with clean modern design, Airfield redefines locally grown: The operation is vertically integrated, with cultivation space on-site.


The only show in all of Marin County (that is, until towns like Sausalito and Mill Valley get wise and legalize retail cannabis locations—get out of the hot tub and get with the decade, people!)-the medical-only Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana (6 School St., Fairfax) is filling the gap but also provides a living history lesson: Founder Lynette Shaw started providing cannabis here in the 1990s. Pro tip: They do offer recreational cannabis but with delivery only; call ahead. // The only "solar-powered cannabis dispensary" we know of, Emerald Pharms (13771 S. US-101, Hopland) is worth a visit solely for the permaculture oasis and "green technology" wonderland (you can recharge your Tesla as you shop). But since they offer heirloom cannabis strains developed and grown locally, it's also one of the best dispensaries in the region. // Trips to the Russian River mean trips to Riverside Wellness Collective (15025 River Rd., Guerneville), which is locally owned and family operated, and has been for years. // Napa County is still living in the stone age prior to legalization, but at least they have medical after Harvest of Napa (2449 2nd St.) opened around the New Year.


Simple, straightforward, reliable, and predictable, Eaze is the original smartphone-hailed delivery service, offering unmatched range of selection along with the advantages that come with scale. The only thing nicer than having a refill for your Pax Era and an eighth of Humboldt Farms flower brought directly to you at Dolores Park is paying ten percent less than dispensary prices. // Also available on your smartphone, Caliva covers the entire Bay Area, accepts debit cards, and has both high-end and cost-conscious offerings. We're loving the Reef Leaf line of $25 eighths as well as the "session beer"–strength strains perfect for a day at the fest. // The simplest domain name in the game,'s menu is concise and caters to the offbeat with products like a quarter-ounce of Cherry Bomb in a crystal-skull-shaped jar and the Tommy Chong–branded 3.5-gram-sized party joints. // For those of us who have never been to Arcata, medical-only Healing Light Bodega is the next-closest thing to a direct line to Humboldt County, from where its lab-tested and responsibly farmed products—including the $20 eighths and $100 ounces—are sourced. Bonus: They take credit cards and you can track the driver's location online. // If a cannabis product is brand-new, highest-end, woman-powered, or all of the above, you can get it at Sava, an airy online marketplace founded by SF resident Andrea Brooks, who is serious about the educational mission. Learn why CBD from cannabis is better than CBD from hemp and start working your way through the Level Protabs, rare sources of isolated cannabinoids like THC-A (for pain) and CBG (for stress). // You must be in the East Bay and you must still have a medical recommendation, but the one-of-a-kind flowers grown and sold by C.R.A.F.T. would justify also solving a Sphinx's riddle. Instead, you just get Clean Green–certified flower—buds are free of pesticides, lab-screened for pathogens, and tested for THC and CBD—seven days a week. The collective is run by master growers who've been in the business since the dawn of medical cannabis, but also offers aggressive specials like $125 ounces. // "Bliss, passion, and relaxation" is the mantra uttered by the women at Lady Chatterley's, whose ladies' first ethos means products with ladies (and their parts) in mind: pre-rolls of libido-charger Sexxpott a curated Pleasure Pack including Foria's latest products, Kikoko Sensuali-tea, and Velvet Swing high-CBD lube. // For a second, we were worried San Francisco-based Cali Express was unlicensed—the deals on their high-strength edibles combo packs and $89 ounces were too sweet. They're real and they're legit—and with their three-or-four item party packs (edible, vape cartridge, and half-ounce of flower), they do all the work. // Once just a resource for MMJ cards and education around all things cannabis (albeit a very comprehensive resource), Marin-based HelloMD now offers a curated product shop with free delivery (on orders over $75) around the Bay Area. But note, joining club is a good idea since you'll receive discounts on quality goods that would otherwise cost you more than buying from your local dispensary. // Still medical? Still prefer delivery? Based in Fruitvale but roaming all over, Jingletown offers eighths for less than $30 and offers a full line of vape cartridges and edibles.

Artisanal Marijuana Edibles + Drinks

(Courtesy of @joyceswenson)

Bay Area residents are already obsessed with food—put some cannabis in there, and we all go bananas.

Unsurprisingly, today's local edibles market is touting all the watchwords of our favorite chefs and restaurants, and there are paleo, gluten-free, and vegan options to boot. But edibles can be tricky, so pay close attention to dosing recommendations on the packaging—for newbies, just 5mg of THC is enough to get a buzz on. When in doubt, remember this motto: Start low, go slow. These things take time.


Real-life best friends founded Potli after successfully convincing one of their mothers to try CBD for her asthma. We like their hemp-infused chili oil and honey—available in sativa-dominant Going Up ($55) and CBD-rich Coming Down ($65)—and we really like the free shipping. // Olive oil is the major staple in our kitchen. In the canna-chef's kitchen, Pot d'Huile is a must have. Order it online, or pick some up at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (1042 Larkin St, Tendernob).


For their artistry, flavor, and subtlety we find ourselves craving Satori Chocolates, which offers THC and CBD (and THC plus CBD!) milk and dark chocolate bars as well as lower-dose bites blended with strawberries, blueberries, raisins, coffee beans, salted caramel, or almonds ($22-$30), available at dispensaries around the Bay Area. // The ongoing boom in sophisticated edibles is bringing confectionery-grade treats to cannabis shops near you. Out of Sonoma County comes Garden Society, an array of pretty, low-dose sweets fit for high tea at a royal wedding. The chef-prepared milk chocolates infused with passion flower ($28, 1:1 THC:CBD) and fruit and herb gelées ($22, THC/THCA; both available at Sava) are made with all organic and locally sourced ingredients as well as with biodynamic cannabis from Anderson Valley's Shine On Farms. // Made in Oakland, Kiva Confections has added a line of terpene-specific gummies called Camino ($22) to its industry-standard chocolate bars ($22 to $30), chocolate-covered blueberries and coffee beans ($25), and, our favorite, the subtle and refreshing Petra Mints ($25, 2.5mg per serving; all available at Cannvis). // You don't need to be ashamed to admit you love marshmallows—and if you don't, it's because you haven't picked up a box of hand-crafted Mellows ($6-$56 at Apothecarium) If you don't have a box of peppermint Mellows at your next holiday party, don't invite us. // Cannabis Cup–winning Atlas Edibles scores the prize this year for proper use of a chef's table of regionally inspired flavors, including their cayenne-and-caramel cashews and the Mexican chocolate pepitas ($20 at Eaze).


The only reason to own a microwave is popcorn, and the only infused popcorn within reach when we fire up Netlfix is reasonably dosed, sea salt–kissed Pop-Up Potcorn ($8 at The Green Cross). // Oakland Ayurvedic practitioner Eden Tosch has tapped into her understanding of cannabis and her knowledge of how to boost libido through herbal combinations to create Higherveda Snuggle Bites ($4-$16, 10mg THC per serving)—mostly organic bars made with coconut, raw honey, and cocoa nibs as well as Ayurvedic go-tos such as shankha pushpi and ashwaghanda to increase passion and sensitize the body for max pleasure.


Listen up, high tea lovers: Kikoko is, pinkies up, our favorite cannabis-infused edible drinkable to hit the market since legalization. Founded by a pair of Marin women with senses of humor well intact, the brand serves up organic tisanes ($5/sachet, $40-$56/10-pouch can; at Sava) to give your lifestyle a boost in the right direction, whether you're in need of some Positivi-tea or Sensuali-tea. The THC-intolerant will looove the Sympa-tea—the CBD-rich turmeric-ginger elixir takes the edge right off. // Get on a wellness kick with the refreshing and relaxing infused drink mixes offered by Atlas, including pomegranate green tea and lemongrass and ginger ($7/packet at Hi-Fidelity). // Somatik, which partnered with Ritual Coffee for a first-of-its-kind cannabis cold brew, is the Berkeley speedball for the legalization era ($4 at Vapor Room). It's the choice option for on-the-job, functional microdosing. Yes, it is possible to be both alert and relaxed—welcome to the world of legal cannabis. // Om Edibles' CBD Raw Sipping Cacao ($35, 21mg CBD per jar, at Harvest and dispensaries Bay Area–wide) is loaded with pure, therapeutic CBD and makes the perfect cup of hot cocoa on a foggy SF night. Spike it with a pinch of cinnamon or cayenne and relish the divinely mellow but clear-headed effect.

(*Please note that all prices listed below are pre-40-percent-tax.)

Elevated Cannabis Cuisine: Dinner Parties, Cookbooks + More

With Michelin-starred restaurants on his resume, Michael Magallanes, aka the Opulent Chef, is taking cannabis-infused dinners to celestial new heights.

(Junho Kim)

The sorcery of melding sustenance with cannabis has exited the Dark Ages and now entered the Renaissance.

All the magic tricks of chemistry and presentation top chefs perform with haute cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurants is happening with marijuana—which means it's time for you to pull rabbit bolognese, infused with a special ingredient, out of your own Le Creuset.


On your next big birthday or special occasion, go for something epic and hire chef Michael Magallanes, veteran of Michelin-starred restaurants Aziza and Moura, and his team at Opulent Chef for a private cannabis-infused dinner party in your home or the space of your choice. Also look out for pop-up events. // Merely adding a loaded brownie or a few pre-rolls to your life—or worse, your marquee event—just doesn't cut it anymore. Herb Somm explains how to pair cannabis with wine and offers planning advice, as well as meetups with a chef and edibles brands for inspiration—to help you throw your own canna-par-tay. Also look for their Thursday Infused gourmand events. // Just because you can infuse every dish in a four-course meal doesn't mean you should. The brunches, dinners, and other soirees at chef Coreen Carroll's Cannaisseur Series do have low-dose edibles, but they emphasize pairings. Cheeses, wines, and carefully selected cannabis offerings bring out the best qualities in each, without any unnecessary or forced combinations.


Mellows creator Stephanie Hua is a great cannabis confectioner but a poor magician—she and Cannasseur Series executive chief Coreen Carroll have given their secrets away in Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Featuring directions on how to prepare 30 low-dose edibles, the book is a roadmap for budding chefs as well as mindful entertainers. // From the editors of Vice's Munchies, Bong Appetit: Mastering the Art of Cooking With Weed not only has a freaking awesome name, it also has 65 recipes for both sweet and savory infused fare. // Chef Cheri Sicard believes that cooking with cannabis should be an everyday venture. She also grasps that fudging the active ingredient is a recipe for disaster, which is why her Easy Cannabis Cookbook provides both a dosing guide and a 101-level explanation, as well as 60 recipes suitable for weekday nights and lazy brunches. // Infusing Bulletproof coffee and ahi tuna poke bowls with a slight cannabis kick sounds like a good idea—but how, exactly, would you pull that off? Chef/photographer Monica Lo's cooking site Sous Weed removes the guesswork while giving cannabis the treatment of a serious ingredient and us the eye candy of gorgeous photos.

(*Please note that all prices listed below are pre-40-percent-tax.)

The Sleekest Vapes, Pipes + Toking Accessories

Now its third iteration, Pax is still the iPhone of vaporizers.

(Courtesy of @paxvapor)

Back in our college days, we reveled in the novelty of over-the-top glass bongs and kitschy hookahs (ok, we still really like those). But now that we're all grown up, we've developed a taste for the finer things.

Fortunately, cannabis paraphernalia has kept up (and no one really calls it that now, anyway), and there are oodles of options for cute pipes, high-tech vapes, chic stashes, and more. Behold, the most elegant add-ons the Bay Area industry has to offer.


Cost-conscious cannabis consumers—which is a way of saying every cannabis consumer now slapped with legalization-era taxes—who prize value above all should take a peek at Old Pal's line of vape cartridges sourced from Humboldt County outdoor flower ($15-$20 at Eaze). // When you spot a Bloom Farms Single Origin cartridge at your local dispensary, snap it up before it disappears forever. Unlike other cartridges made from mixes of small nugs and whatever terpenes were available that day, these connoisseur-friendly carts are made from pure cannabis oil ($30-35 at Sava). // If you can name a cannabis strain, there's a good chance Mr. Sherbinski, the legendary San Francisco–bred grower, had a hand in developing it. He's now launched his own lifestyle brand, Sherbinskis, with cartridges of Gello Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and Pink Panties anchoring the lineup ($35-$78 at Vapor Room). // For nighttime medicating and a quick lights out, Sublime's Sleep cartridges combine 20:1 CBD to THC cannabis oil with 100 grams of melatonin ($35 at Mission Cannabis Club, 2441 Mission St., And for staying extra lifted with more flavor, look for Sublime's Strata line, with extra terpenes added. // Born in Humboldt County, Dosist celebrates the seat of cannabis legacy in its plant science–based formulas that are "chemically engineered to make people feel a certain way—calm, sleepy, relieved of pain—without getting high." The company's recyclable pens also promise precise doses: The OG pen promises 200 hits ($100), while the newer 50-dose mini pen ($40) is perfect for your pocket (available at dispensaries Bay Area–wide). // Trusted cartridge maker Kurvana offers one of the widest varieties of flavors, and their new ten-strain ASCND line of single-origin extracts offers the purest taste, which is to say that is it tastes like cannabis and not like an artificial prouduct ($70 at La Corona, 3326 Mission St.). // Aya's mystically named Cannabis Nectars (i.e. extracts) enhance four states of mind: Awaken, Inspire, Relax, Slumber ($66 for vape pen set, $43 refill cartridges; at Society Jane). // Once you're done with vape pens, you can graduate to the PAX Era ($14) which is a lighter, slimmer, tastier, and just all-around better way to consume cannabis. The content of the PAX Era pods are often better, too, and nearly every high-end brand has a PAX Era pod available ($30-$70 at dispensaries Bay Area–wide). // Blue River Extracts is the gold standard in extracts that are rich in terpenes, the compound that gives cannabis strains their distinct aroma and taste. Blue River's Rosin Sauce is a no-additive cannabis plant extract, making for what's possibly the purest flavor (and high) around ($86 at Green Cross, 4218 Mission St). // Emerald Cup Award winner The Highest Grade was the gold standard for CO2 cartridges ($60 each at SPARC) before state regulations mandated clean cannabis. But theirs is the cleanest: no pesticides, no plastics, and no solvents.

*UPDATE 9.11.19* If you're paying attention to the news, you may know that vape-related lung illnesses, and even some fatalities, are now being reported. The cause remains unconfirmed, but evidence is pointing to the additive vitamin E acetate as a possible culprit. When shopping for vapes, just as you would with food, read the ingredients or contact the manufacturer. In recent days, both Dosist and Pax have taken to Instagram with the promise that their products are vitamin E acetate free.


Rather skip the extracts and load your own fresh flower into one of the chicest vaporizers around? Better yet, would you like to go through life with only one vape pen—for flower and for concentrates? Grenco Science's G Pro ($89) is a pen with a threaded mouthpiece for ground flower. Remove that and screw on your favorite cartridge. Diversity is key. Or go for the brand's G Pen Gio ($20) which comes with a line of cost-conscious cartridges from a variety of companies, including value brand Old Pal ($20-$25) and Berner's Cookies ($65; all at Eaze). // The Pax 3 ($199-$249) is so high-tech, the mouthpiece has an internal accelerometer that knows when you're holding it versus jostling it in your purse. Plus it's the company's first vaporizer to work both for loose leaf herb and extract inserts, and its available in three lustrous metallics including on-trend rose gold. // // San Francisco-based Firefly enjoyed so much success with their Firefly 2 ($330), they sold out. We hear tell a Firefly 3 is inevitable; keep a close eye on their Instagram for the big reveal. // Are you a commitment-phobe? Do you always lose everything? A disposable, all-in-one vape cartridge and battery from Gold Drop is for you ($30 at at Eaze).


The classic one-hitter gets the Breakfast at Tiffany's treatment with Pursuit of Happiness' Voltaire pipe ($75), handmade in small batches with a gold or silver overglaze. // The Cave (2499 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo) is the regional destination for functional glass art collectors. The gallery's seasonal openings draw heads from across the state who wait overnight to be among the first in line for giveaways from world-famous, celebrity glass blowers who come to sign bongs and chat with adoring fans. They also deliver online worldwide.


For smokers with an eye for design, enter online boutique Tetra. Here you'll find the most gorgeous and often one-of-kind pipes, lighters, ashtrays, and storage boxes you never even imagined. // Van der Pop made a splash with its chic, childproof handbags for power tokers and ladies who lunch. Their Poppins Stash Bag ($290) and Mini Bag ($79) keep the goods under literal lock-and-key. You can also shop the line's collection of various stylish accoutrements—including credit-card sized graters, rolling papers, and stash jars—available exclusively at

(*Please note that all prices listed below are pre-40-percent-tax.)

Cannabis for Wellness: Tinctures, Topicals, Spa Treatments, Yoga + More

(Courtesy of @quiveroil)

These droppers and jars filled with magical potions are the easiest entrée in the wide world of marijuana—and a perfect option for anyone wishing to ease tension without getting high.


Papa & Barkley is a top brand for topicals, but in addition to balms and patches they also offer tinctures in both high CBD and 1:1 THC:CBD ratios ($45-$90, at SPARC, Apothecarium, and dispensaries Bay Area–wide). // Ditch the Ambien and give The Farmaceuticals Doze Drops ($53 at Sava) in a 1:2 CBD:THC ratio, the perfect mix for you to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed and alert. // For serious pain and seriously experienced users, Absolute Xtracts' 100-milligram gel caps provide potent and long-lasting relief ($100 at Eaze).


There are those who believe that cannabis can cure all, and there is no shortage of potions that promise to soothe your body's aches and pains and various skin conditions. The SF collective Flour Child, which specializes in products high in cannabidiol (CBD), makes the best balm around. With mango and kokum butters, Relief Balm ($25 for 1.5oz jar; at Vapor Room) is moisturizing and relaxing. // Using whole plant cannabis extract along with other healing herbs (chamomile, calendula, vitamin C), Little Green Bee's Medicated Massage Oil ($10 for 10mL vial; available at Sava) is designed to ease pain and calm skin irritated by inflammation, psoriasis, and eczema. // Cannabis-based oils for your intimate areas have been on the market for years, but finding a proper massage oil that's not a gimmick can be tricky. HerbaBuena's Quiver ($50 for 30 mL bottle; check online for availability) is flavored with spices and herbs for extra invigoration. // Your body absorbs cannabis throughout its network of pores. Thus, the cannabis bath is an experience not to be missed. Buy Om Body's lovely infused Epsom salts ($20 at Eaze), draw a hot bath, and let your skin (and your colon) absorb all the healing effects.


Consider how dewy you'll be after Goldenseal Skincare's 80-minute cannabinol facial ($180) at Tarren Brook's serene holistic skincare studio (4153 Piedmont Ave., #2, Oakland). // Soulstice Spa (locations in Sausalito and Santa Rosa) is now offering a CBD wellness massage ($120/50 minutes; $170/80 minutes) using Vital Body Therapeutics' CBD-infused shea butter created by a pair of Santa Cruz–based bodyworkers. // Only the 21 and up crowd need apply for La Petite Nail Shop's (601 Kansas St. Potrero Hill) Sit & Lit therapeutic manicure ($65) and pedicure ($85). Your fingers and toes will relish the CBD-infused scrub, soak, and hot cream massage—they even provide CBD-infused edibles for primo relaxation. // As if the tranquil cottages, outdoor showers, and infinity pool overlooking Carneros' rolling vineyards weren't restorative enough, the Spa at Carneros Resort (4048 Sonoma Hwy (Carneros)is upping the ante with the Heal Me Massage ($185/60 minutes; $275/90 minutes), combining the rejuvenating properties of camphor, arnica, and full spectrum CBD oil // During a weekend escape to Calistoga's Mount View Hotel & Spa (1457 Lincoln Ave., Calistoga), you can indulge in a trio of CBD-infused wellness treatments including a sound healing during which your body will be dry brushed and then wrapped in a cocoon of CBD creams ($90/30 minutes; $145/50 minutes); an anti-inflammatory massage with CBD oil ($145/50 minutes; $220/80 minutes with collagen facial mask); or a CBD-infused hydrotherapy bath plus massage ($205/80 minutes).


Oakland-based instructor Dee Dussault was the first person to bring the ancient combination of cannabis and yoga to the United States. She's known for her free-spirited Ganja Yoga classes ($25; rotating venues) that are anything but intimidating—expect a friendly crowd with mixed yoga skills and varying degrees of experience with weed—and also offers occasional yoga retreats up north. In 2017, the guru published her first book ($20, Harper Collins). // The Four Twenty Games were created by a group of so-called stoners who set out to crush that stereotype and celebrate cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle with an annual multi-city sporting event. The brand had so much success that national cannabis media company Civilized scooped it up. Keep alert for the next offerings, but we expect another fun run in Golden Gate Park this summer.

(*Please note that all prices listed below are pre-40-percent-tax.)

Bud Crawls, Farm Tours + More California Cannabis Getaways

An aerial view of the sprawling Flow Cannabis Institute—the world's first central processing facility for cannabis, which opened this spring in Mendocino County.

(Courtesy of Flow Kana)

Pack a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and your vaporizer: Here are some guaranteed "Weed Country" escapes where you can, at last, behave as if cannabis is legal (because it is).

PS: Don't need to make a weekend of it? There are also guided tours now on offer right here in SF.

BAY AREA: Do you really want to know where your cannabis comes from—and how it got there? Emerald Farms Tours offers half-day guided rides through the San Francisco landmarks where legal marijuana began as well as Seed to Sale tours of grow facility and retail shops, departing from Oaksterdam in Oakland ($149 and up). The company also offers a full-day behind-the-scenes tour of Sonoma County's outdoor farms including lunch, munchies, and deep discounts on the good stuff—and for your hard-to-impress friends coming from out of town, we suggest you inquire about the 420 limo (also available for events). // Someone had to be the first to organize a bud crawl, and it's Green Guide Tours, offering what purports to be California's first (and only) cannabis walking tour, with a guided and curated introduction to smoking lounges, compassion programs, and more (free to $14). Check back later this spring, when the first farm tours launch.

MENDOCINO COUNTY: You can't stay overnight and wake and bake at the B&B, and you can't get married there or try a cannabis tasting at the property's saloon—but you'll be able to do all this (and more) eventually. Last April, delivery-service-turned-wholesaler Flow Kana announced the opening of its Flow Cannabis Institute, the world's first centralized processing facility for the local cannabis industry. Situated on a swath of rolling hills once utilized by Fetzer Wines, the campus is working with small craft farmers in the Emerald Triangle to process, package, brand, and distribute their sustainably sun-grown and harvested strains. You can still get a taste of Flow Kana flowers: Look for their recently launched Limited Edition Collection (at Sparc and Harborside).

SONOMA COUNTY: Each December, the real stoner crowd, about 21,000 dense, heads to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa for The Emerald Cup, a homegrown yet world-class weed fair with an awards ceremony in the Hall of Flowers and more freebies than you can consume or carry.

The State of Cannabis, Sponsored by Eaze

(Courtesy of Eaze)

Eaze leverages its data to provide core insights into the cannabis consumer, their behaviors, and cannabis product trends. Data helps Eaze understand the modern consumer in a deeper more meaningful way, and helps break stigmas around cannabis.

2018 was a monumental year for the cannabis industry. California, the largest cannabis market in the country, officially transitioned from medical to adult use, and new consumer markets emerged across the U.S. Eaze's 2018 State of Cannabis report found baby boomers and women continue to demonstrate remarkable market share growth and consumers are increasingly turning to cannabis as a wellness tool, with CBD the breakout star of the year.

This latest report in the Eaze Insights series reveals the cannabis customer base is growing and diversifying, demonstrating a rise in popularity across all adult groups, regardless of gender or age. Consumers are also turning to cannabis to curb unhealthy habits. A majority reduced their alcohol consumption, with millennials showing the most significant decrease, while many reduced or eliminated their need for over-the-counter and prescription pain medication.

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