Six Cannabis Products and Strains to Improve Your Workouts
(Courtesy of Ivan Torres)

Six Cannabis Products and Strains to Improve Your Workouts


Because getting into shape after endless holiday feasting is hard.

Now more than ever is when people start considering their health—which makes a lot of sense considering how many plates of pie and stuffing we eat over Thanksgiving. New Year's resolutions are being written up and nailed down and working out is most often at the top of the list of to-dos. Cannabis is a great way for some extra motivation to get into a regular wellness routine. Here are some strains and products that can add a little extra oomph to your new regimen from boosting energy, endurance, and metabolism to providing just the right amount of chill.

Dixie Citrus Acai Lifted

(Courtesy of Weed Maps)

Skip the 5-hour energy drink and opt for this blend of natural ingredients designed to improve your cellular metabolism and give you a nice, balanced high. Try this drink when you're planning on doing some intense cardio or any other vigorous workout where you want to kick things up a notch without missing out on your buzz. Each 1 oz bottle contains 10 mg of THC. //

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