Oscar, Halloween-ready (Courtesy of Gillian Walsworth)

#DogsofSanFrancisco: 15 Gratuitously Cute Petfluencers


There is perhaps nothing more gratifying than scrolling endlessly through cute dog photos and videos. I would argue that it's soothing even. What could bring more joy and tranquility than adorable puppies doing delightful things?

Taking this a step further, studies have shown that watching cat videos can actually make you a happier, more energized and focused person. It seems impossible that this doesn't also apply to man's best friend when IRL, the CDC shows that dogs are the the healthier pet option. So, stop what you're doing (this is going to improve productivity so think of it as exercise for your brain) and check out some of the cutest pups the Bay Area has to offer. From costume-adorning to world traveling, here are some of the more fab doggy Instagramers in SF.

Do you have a Bay Area dog worthy of Instagram stardom? Share your pics with us on IG with the hashtag #dogsof7x7.

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