Why we're dumping booze for Dosist's new cannabis gummies

Why we're dumping booze for Dosist's new cannabis gummies


Oh, the pandemic fatigue. How many more evenings of wine and quarantinis, and picnics at the park with one too many craft beers, can we handle? It seems that despite socializing less over the past year, we're all drinking a little more...and becoming a little too familiar with restless nights and next-day hangovers.

Now, as restrictions are loosening and we're getting back into the swing of normal life, we're ready to hang—and alcohol-induced exhaustion isn't helping. This is where cannabis gummies come in.

Like most everyone else, I've been working from home these past many months, cooped up in my one-bedroom apartment. The border between work and leisure has gotten blurry, and I've been looking for something to mark the transition from computer time to chill time, something that's come to feel even more important with each passing day. Cannabis has done the trick. So when Dosist offered to send me their new collection of edibles, yeah, I was here for it.

Dosist's cannabis gummies are available in four formulations including blackberry-lavender Sleep (top) and lemon-lime Bliss (bottom).

Dosist's cannabis gummies are available in four formulations including blackberry-lavender Sleep (top) and lemon-lime Bliss (bottom).(Photography by Sarah Chorey)

The California brand is already well known for its dose pens, those sleek vapes in formulations such as Bliss, Sleep, and Relief that attracted cannabis newbies with their discreet design and scientifically calculated doses. Now, as the cannabis industry has become a veritable Wonka world of enticing THC- and CBD-laden candies and treats, Dosist is keeping up with a line of vegan and gluten-free gummies in bright, yummy flavors that promise rapid onset whether you're looking to bliss out, chill out, or crash out.

Like Dosist's vape pens, the gummies are a nice way to ease into cannabis exploration and consumption thanks to relatively small amounts of THC. This means you can keep it mellow with just one gummy, or nibble on more to build upon the experience for just the right vibe.

For instance, if you're looking for a social buzz while hanging out with your S.O. or roommates, Dosist's Bliss gummies, available in lemon-lime or wildberry, are the way to go with five milligrams THC and zero CBD. If you've had a hair-raising day and need to chill the eff out, the lemon balm Calm edibles can get you there with just one milligram of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD. When it's time to wind down, the blackberry-lavender Sleep edibles have a milligram each of CBN to help lull you off to la-la land.

Come five o'clock, you'll find me reaching for the Bliss variety since they're perfect for taking the edge off. Compared to other edibles I've tried, they don't hit you over the head. The effects are more mellow and subtle, sans paranoia, which makes them ideal when I want to really decompress but still focus on, say, a conversation, a documentary, or a good book.

I also tried swapping our usual hard seltzers for the cannabis gummies during a recent backyard hang with friends. Accompanied by freshly made sandwiches from Lucinda's Deli, the lemon-lime Bliss chews made for one of the best days we've shared in awhile. The best part? Waking up on Sunday morning without regret and ready to tackle a run, a visit to the farmers market, and even a few loads of laundry. Sorry, now I'm just bragging.

Of course there are still nights when I want a glass of wine or find myself working late. Enter the blackberry-lavender Sleep gummies, which produce a more tranquil high than the other combos. I tried one about 30 minutes before bed and found myself easily forgetting my to-do list for tomorrow. Eight hours of uninterrupted snoozing later, you could say I was impressed. —Sarah Chorey

The author enjoyed eight hours of uninterrupted rest with the help of just one Dosist Sleep gummy.(Photography by Sarah Chorey)

// Dosist gummies are available at dispensaries Bay Area–wide including Urbana (Inner Richmond and delivery), Moonflower Delivery (Marin County), and Vallejo Relief Center (Vallejo). Learn more at dosist.com/edibles.

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