The last cannabis virgin in San Francisco on her Tuesday night conversion with Dosist
(Jodee Debes Photography)

The last cannabis virgin in San Francisco on her Tuesday night conversion with Dosist


For an ordinary Tuesday night, I had experienced a number of firsts, perhaps my quota for 2019 all wrapped up into a two-hour event.

Dubbed Rituals for Relaxation, the party was hosted by the women's networking group Six Degrees Society, and Dosist, the groundbreaking cannabis wellness company whose signature dosed vape pen comes in different formulas that target everything from sleep to pain relief to relaxation.

More on that later, but for now, let's get back to my Tuesday night onslaught of inaugural experiences.

  1. I walked into my first cannabis dispensary, Harvest on Geary, which scores a 10 out of 10 in my book for attractive merchandising. Its beautifully packaged and presented teas and tinctures (and more) appealed first to the die-hard consumer in me who is mesmerized by pretty things and good design, and only second to the part of me that was (was!) an inquisitive little cannabis virgin.
  2. I attended my first networking event. As a natural introvert and societal curmudgeon, networking is something that I try to avoid, even though I know it's probably good for me—kinda like vegetables.
  3. I tried cannabis for the first time ever, if you don't count the immeasurable volume of second-hand smoke that has billowed around me for the last 15 years living in San Francisco. There was no time like the present to give into peer pressure—after all, tiny SF is on par with the much more sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles in terms of cannabis consumption (Florida, where Dosist has recently expanded, is the fastest growing market).

Cannabis and connections.(Jodee Debes Photography)

Harvest's secret wood-paneled back room, dimly lit with chandeliers and outfitted with deep, tufted banquettes, was clamoring with fashion-forward (mostly) millennial women. These ambitious professionals, from marketing VPs to jewelry designers, were presumably either canna-curious or canna-crazy, having trouble sleeping at night, and/or wanted to make new friends. Millennials seem to be the wellness industry's most rapt audience, and for good reason: They will shape our society's immediate future through their contributions, personal, professional, and political—at the 2020 election, millennials will be the largest voting group. Pivoting the country rests squarely on their shoulders, and that's got to stir up a little anxiety, some aches and pains, and sleepless nights. Cannabis wellness to the rescue.

Dose pens by Dosist.(Jodee Debes Photography)

Dosist's signature dose pen is a sleek, unassuming contraption that uses vaporization technology to activate key cannabis compounds, delivering a 2.25 milligram dose with every three-second inhale. The pen actually signals a complete dose with a slight vibration, so there's no such thing as a super dose, or even an overdose, which eases new-to-cannabis users into better living through plant-based science. Dosist worked with leading cannabis scientists to engineer specific formulations of the active cannabis ingredients blended with key terpenes (essential oils found in plants, herbs, and fruit) to deliver optimal wellness solutions sans the traditional THC-activated high.

The Sleep formula has an 8:1 THC to CBD ratio, which helps insomniacs naturally fall asleep and stay asleep. But alas, such steep THC—the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis—seemed too aggressive for this first-time user. Instead, Dosist's head wellness concierge, Sophie Stimola, recommended the Calm pen, which has the highest concentration of CBD, the non-psychoactive stuff that's best known for taking the edge off anxiety. Being skittish in the natural world is my baseline disposition, and that's how I was feeling at the event, where the din of women making conversation and connections was high on the decibels, matched only by the loud internal chatter of a lifelong misfit: "Don't let grazing substitute for actual conversation." "Why aren't you mingling?" "No more brie for you." "You could have at least put on some mascara." Needless to say, I was looking forward to muting all of that noise with a 2.25 milligram dose (or two).

Dosist Sleep Pen.(Jodee Debes Photography)

Stimola, whose enthusiasm for cannabis and Dosist is contagious ("I literally get to talk about happiness all day long," she says), also recommended that first-timers try cannabis in familiar surroundings. So after I ate my weight in charcuterie and cheese (the event's gorgeous and abundant "gathering" boards were from Ripen), awkwardly made small talk with two strangers during the Six Degrees networking segment, attempted to ground myself during a six-minute group meditation, and listened intently to the cannabis Q+A, I walked home through the crisp San Francisco night, anticipating my first puff of Calm. Cozy in bed, it happened. I inhaled for a very measured three seconds, which felt more like six. Vapor escaped my lips. Fifteen minutes later, bodily unease had softened, but didn't completely dissolve. Brain chatter hushed, but wasn't totally silenced. I was still me, only more relaxed. Enough to focus on a book, reading myself to sleep for the first time in years. Another first for an (out-of-the) ordinary weeknight.

Note to—cue great band name here—Future Tuesdays: You've got a lot to live up to. —Leilani Marie Labong

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