The East Cut Is San Francisco's Newest Neighborhood, CA Becomes Marijuana Sanctuary State + More News This Week
One Rincon Hill is part of the swath of SoMa to be rebranded as The East Cut neighborhood.

The East Cut Is San Francisco's Newest Neighborhood, CA Becomes Marijuana Sanctuary State + More News This Week


Here are the headlines you may have missed this week.

San Francisco is spending $70,000 to rebrand its financial center as a hipster enclave, Business Insider

It might be time to add "The East Cut" to your San Francisco neighborhood lexicon: A community organizing group is trying to cluster Rincon Hill, South Beach and parts of the Transbay District into one rebranded, hipster-friendly hood. It doesn't change the fact that the Millennium Tower is still sinking, but it may transform the corporate neighborhood into one that doesn't empty after 6pm on weekdays. Read more.

California Assembly passes "marijuana sanctuary state" bill, The Cannabist

Just like your living room, California is now a "marijuana sanctuary state." This week, the California Assembly passed a bill that would prevent state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal drug laws that interfere with California recreational marijuana laws, effectively making our great state a marijuana sanctuary, a description previously reserved (unofficially) for Berkeley and Venice Beach. Read more.

(Courtesy of Presidio via Curbed SF)

Presidio announces plans to renovate Depression-era theater, Curbed SF

The Presidio Trust announced Tuesday that it will be refurbishing and reopening the Presidio Theater in the park's Main Post, which was built in 1939 and has been vacant for decades (a blogger snuck a peek of the abandoned lobby and found a poster of The Blob still hanging there). Read more.

Into the Big Surreal: 36 Hours in California's Isolated, Lonely Island, KQED

A pair treks through Big Sur to see what's left after the mudslides of this past winter effectively shut the area off from the world. Are there really old hermits sunbathing naked on the highway? Are there really mountain lions roaming the devastated stretches of road? Check out the wreckage, life and beauty that still remains in Big Sur. Read more.

These Google StreetView Cars are Now Mapping and Measuring Pollution, Fast Company

Google StreetView cars are now outfitted to map and measure pollution within cities and even within neighborhoods and blocks to get more details about air quality in the Bay Area. Researchers are hoping this information could empower residents to push for change in their own communities and provide much-needed data on how air quality connects to socio-economics. Read more.

Dozens of Horses on The Loose in Golden Gate Park, SFist

More than two dozen horses enjoyed a jailbreak Wednesday morning in Golden Gate Park, where they trotted about happily as officers and park rangers scrambled to round them back up, cowboy style. It's as hilarious as it sounds, and all captured on video. Read more.

California signs deal with China to combat climate change, The Hill

Just days after Trump pulled out of the international climate agreement, Gov. Jerry Brown signed an agreement to expand cooperation between China and California to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Read more.

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