Eaze, the "Uber for Pot," Delivers Marijuana Right to Your Door


Get some sweet, sticky bud delivered to your door in 10 to 20 minutes. That's the aim of Eaze Solutions, a new app that's being hailed as the "Uber for pot."

Currently available only in San Francisco and South San Francisco, Eaze recently raked in a cool $1.5 million, care of angel investors, to expand into other California cities. But don't think you can simply order some mary jane and a bag of Funnyuns for a night in front of the Xbox. Eaze is for medicinal use only and both a medical marijuana card and a legal ID are required for eligibility.

But just like Uber, Eaze is both easy to use and entirely unregulated. Chris Roberts for SF Weekly notes, "Eaze has no permit of any kind to deal marijuana. That's a risky move given the federal Justice Department's reminder to the California cannabis industry that a regulated, permitted industry is an industry that won't get raided."

As for downloading the app itself, don't look to the Apple App Store. At least not just yet.

"Eaze, which is still negotiating with Apple Inc. and other mobile-technology leaders about whether or not a medical-marijuana delivery app will appear in app marketplaces, currently makes its app available via the Web," reports WSJ.

To sign up for Eaze, check out their site.

A new important facts:

- Drivers deliver from 8 am to midnight seven days a week.

- No need to tip drivers. Dispensaries pay the drivers directly.

Verification of medical eligibility can take up to 24 hours

- Transactions are cash only

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