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You guys, the Exploratorium is now offering memberships for its amazing After Dark parties


Under the velvet cloak of nightfall, a new cultural landscape emerges at the Exploratorium, where the contemporary and sometimes eyebrow-raising After Dark parties have developed a following all their own.

By day, the Exploratorium teems with the fantastic mysteries of human anatomy, astronomy, and everything in between, with a diverse scope of marvelous installations. It's here that you can go inside a tornado, immerse yourself in fog, and get bent before a curved mirror. And on Thursday nights, you can do all that—but with drinks! Obviously, everything is better with drinks.

This week, the Exploratorium announced the launch of what might be the sexiest museum membership ever: For less than the price of two daytime tickets (typically $30 each), you get an all-access pass to wander the 75,000 square feet of exhibit space, craft beer or science-geeky cocktail in hand, at any of more than 50 After Dark events—with intriguing themes such as cannabis and Sexplorations (Feb. 1, 2018)—each year.

As membership director Julie Nunn said in a release, "One visit to After Dark reminds us that for adults as well as children, play can be a crucial path to knowledge, empathy, and community." In other words, this is good for you.

You can get your play on with membership tiers for one person ($45) or two ($85) and then bask in the perks: a member's only bar (#umyes), 10 percent off merch at the Exploratorium store, and free access to summertime Friday events as well. Go on, geek out.

// The Exploratorium, Pier 15 (Embarcadero), exploratorium.edu

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