How To Incorporate Mary Jane into Your Holiday Party

How To Incorporate Mary Jane into Your Holiday Party


Gone are the days when having cannabis at your holiday party meant unlabeled pot brownies and bongs.

Thanks to artisan cannabis crafters in California, you can now have sparkling infused beverages, cannabis tea cocktails, vape bars, and an array of presentations that are classy and fun.

The folks at Sava—the online marketplace for cannabis goods that delivers to your door—have collected the following ideas for bringing cannabis to your holiday party in a way that's sure to impress (and relax) your guests.

For a celebration-worthy cannabis drink, try La Grandeur Sparkling THC Cranberry Beverage, a low dose (5mg) sparkling experience that feels even more special than champagne.

Cannabis Cocktails and Drinks

There are two easy ways to make delicious cannabis cocktails with or without added alcohol.

Kikoko "Teatails" use cannabis infused teas as a base and build off of the flavorful blends to make a cocktail so delicious you'll have to stop yourself from having seconds.

"The Betty" is a CBD-based cocktail inspired by the Sidecar; while "The Gloria" uses an aphrodisiac THC tea to blend hibiscus, cardamom, and rose with cranberry and orange. See the recipes.

Tincture-based cocktails are another option. Cannabis crafter Emerald Alchemy has a series of tinctures that range in effect from aphrodisiac to overall wellness. They've crafted a series of recipes tailored to each tincture, see instructions and ingredients here. Using a tincture makes it easy to adjust dose to each person.

Vape Bar

Create a section of your bar dedicated to vape pens. They're easy to use, great for indoors, and you can present guests with a variety of strains to try in low and high doses. A Sativa or a Sativa-leaning hybrid will be the best choice to liven your holiday party, but stay away from strains the are described as very cerebral.

Pro tip: add a small platter of alcohol wipes with a discard cup so guests can wipe down the tip between uses to avoid spreading anything more than holiday cheer.

Try: Bloom Farms single origin cartridges, available in low and high dose options, Eel River dry farmed single strain cannabis nectar, and hmbldt Bliss pen, a crowd pleaser that is sure to lift spirits!

Low Dose Edibles

The selection of celebratory edibles available is quite amazing. As you would with a cheese plate, add labels to your edible display letting guests know what each item is.

Pro tip: an additional small sign suggesting people start with 2-5mg of THC and wait an hour before taking more will help ensure those unfamiliar with their own personal dose stay in a comfortable place.

For an edibles display that feels extra special, try Garden Society Bright Bloom herb gelées, Madame Munchie cannabis macarons, or Lord Jones 5mg caramels.


If you're okay with smoking indoors, or are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, getting a selection of pre-rolls will delight your more seasoned guests.

Try: Hepburns petite prerolls, which mix ice water hash and cannabis, or Sava's THC pre-rolls, sourced from a clean, green cannabis farm in Mendocino county.

Sava has assembled a gift box to get your party going that has a selection of products perfect for boosting any party.

Check out Sava's entire selection of curated cannabis goods, available for same day delivery in San Francisco.

*While things are changing fast, as of this writing you still need a medical cannabis recommendation to consume cannabis in California. Make sure everyone consuming cannabis at your party has a recommendation and is 21+.

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