(Courtesy of Legion of Bloom)

Legion of Bloom commits to plastic-free packaging for cannabis goods


Everyone knows that avoiding single-use plastics is one of the easiest ways to protect our planet's fragile ecosystem. While plastic bags, cups, and straws have been the target of criticism for some time, today's consumers are raising the bar a little, perhaps by scrutinizing a product's packaging before making a purchase.

Ridding your shopping cart of plastic is getting easier every day thanks to eco-conscious businesses like The Legion of Bloom, which recently announced that all of its vape packages will be plastic-free by Spring 2020.

(Courtesy of Legion of Bloom)

The Legion of Bloom's sustainable packaging initiative is the latest way this unique cannabis company is showing its commitment to 21st century environmental stewardship. The first product to shed its plastic was the Legion's Pax Era pod line, which now comes in an innovative plastic-free paperboard carton. The fresh Pax cartons hit the shelves this month, and the company is currently in the process of liberating its Monarch line as well.

To make plastic-free dreams a reality, The Legion of Bloom has partnered with the visionaries at AllPackaging Company, which helps eco-friendly businesses distribute their products in ways that keep microplastics out of our precious waterways. AllPack leverages the power of wind to offer its clients cutting edge solutions to contemporary packaging challenges.

The partnership allows both companies to continue to offset their carbon footprints while ensuring that The Legion of Bloom's sustainable packaging is child-resistant and compliant with government regulations.

If you're wondering whether paperboard cartons are actually better for the environment than other packaging options, rest assured that AllPack is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). According to AllPack, the SFI is "a comprehensive forest management/reforestation program that balances the demand for wood products with the need for forest sustainability." While we cannot completely remove ourselves from the never-ending cycle of modern consumption, Californians can support businesses like the Legion of Bloom who are deciding to tackle the plastics problem head on.

In doing so, The Legion of Bloom is among the first cannabis companies to address the plastic epidemic in a meaningful way. The company's values have been aligned with environmentalists' since day one, most likely because the founders are farmers themselves. The Legion of Bloom's high quality cannabis products have always been produced with Mother Nature in mind—now their packages are crafted that way too.

This environmentally friendly upgrade means that you can enjoy your favorite Legion products without worrying about what to do with all the pointless plastic waste. By eliminating plastic from the distribution cycle, The Legion of Bloom is yet again setting itself apart from the competition, this time by empowering cannabis enthusiasts to purchase products that are packaged in an impressively sustainable way.

In a world where every square centimeter of plastic counts, it is important to purchase products that are wrapped in sustainable packaging. It is a simple yet significant step toward being an environmentally responsible cannabis consumer. After all, top caliber cannabis plants depend on a healthy environment in order to bloom and thrive, so it follows that industry leaders would want to do everything they can to minimize a company's carbon footprint.

If the goal is to reduce your use of single-use plastics, become part of the solution by making responsible decisions at the cash register. You can start by checking out The Legion of Bloom's new plastic-free Pax packaging at a licensed retailer near you today!

(Courtesy of Legion of Bloom)

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