Monday Night's Rainbow in San Francisco Was Glorious [Slideshow]


On Monday evening, as a spring rain gave way to magical double rainbows over San Francisco, puppies and unicorns and baby goats played with joyful abandon in the streets of SF, sparkling rosé flowed in city's fountains, and cannabis-scented clouds ballooned over Dolores Park. It was one of those moments when we all remembered why we live here, even if we can't afford our rent or our $5 toast.  

7x7 caught the ethereally gay display of Roy G. Biv over the Castro, took a snap, and then patted ourselves on the back for capturing yet another perfect San Francisco moment.

And then we watched as our Instagram feeds flooded with rainbow pic upon rainbow pic...Turns out, SF's Instagrammers, ever ready with their iPhone 6 Pluses, captured the moment better than we ever could. Well done, kids. Not bad for a Monday night.

Enjoy the photos.

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