Rather than postpone their big day, this couple opted for one true thing during uncertain times, hosting a virtual wedding during shelter in place. (Courtesy of Jeffrey Placencia, via SFGate)

Oakland lovebirds share a virtual wedding during shelter in place + more nice local stories you may have missed


As the coronavirus crisis escalates in the U.S. and around the world, it feels like every single day is flooded with a month's worth of grim news. But we're here to remind you that even the darkest clouds occasionally make rainbows.

This week, an East Bay couple shared an adorable online wedding under shelter in place, and Instagram's cofounder started an awesome website that catalogs the many Bay Area restaurants that are offering gift certificates now to help support their furloughed workers. Plus, cannabis curbside pickup is officially a thing!

Curbside cannabis pickup: Why it's booming and how it works, Leafly

Truly we are shocked that, at times such as these, people would be stoked about ordering weed online and then doing drive-by curbside pickup. Not! #puffpuffdontpass Read more.

Oakland couple gets married online while sheltering in place: 'I think I cried the entire time', SFGate

"We were really excited to marry each other and we needed a win. Everyone at this point needs a win." Cutest ever. Read more.

Instagram founders launches gift card site for quarantined restaurants, Tech Crunch

You rock, Mike Krieger. The IG cofounder and his wife Katelyn have launched SaveOurFaves, a directory of Bay Area restaurants that are offering online gift certificates as a way to help support their furloughed teams and pay their overhead during shelter in place. Read more.

Be a Helper: How to Contribute to Your Community During Coronavirus, KQED

Yes, we all want to #saverestaurants. But let's also not forget that there are people all around us who just need help procuring groceries and important medications, not to mention masks and even blood. Want to help? Read more.

How to get rent relief during the coronavirus crisis, Curbed SF

Thanks to a moratorium on evictions, you can't get evicted during the pandemic. Yes, this is good news, but there's a catch. Read more.

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