Raw Water Is the New Questionable It Drink + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch
(Courtesy of Live Water)

Raw Water Is the New Questionable It Drink + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch


A few newsy tidbits you may have missed this week.

The Walt Disney Family Museum is a stoner's paradise. (@thegingerpinup)

SF Spots to Visit Stoned Now That Recreational Marijuana Sale Is Legal, Curbed SF

Head out to these colorful, sparkling, and soothing locales to make the most of your stoney adventures. Read more.

More Banks Are Welcoming Marijuana Businesses, Federal Data Shows, Forbes

Despite of number of conflicting signals, the cannabis industry is growing, as is the number of banks and credit unions willing to open accounts for the new wave of businesses. Read more.

4 Things to Know About Raw Water, Silicon Valley's New Fad Beverage,SF Eater

Live water is all the rage, and people are paying top dollar for it. The untreated water is said to be free from additives like fluoride and also brimming with natural probiotics...and animal poop. Read more.

Meet the Real-Life Mexican Grandma Who Was the Model for Miguel's Abuelita in 'Coco',Remeszcla

The vision of an elderly woman holding a sandal can incite more fear than you'd think. Just ask 88-yaer old Pueblito Guzmán, mother of 10, who isn't afraid to use a chancla—or stick for that matter—to put her kiddos in check. She was brought on to the set when her grandson in-law, Coco's directing animator, needed real-life inspiration. Read more.

East Coast Winter Weather Cancels Dozens of Flights at San Francisco International Airport,ABC7

As of last night, there were nearly 100 cancelled flights between SFO and other major northeast hubs, with JFK being shut down entirely. Luckily, tech came to the rescue. Read more.

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