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(Semi) Public Consumption: San Francisco Gathering Places Where Marijuana Is Tolerated


Summertime is here, and with it, good weather. Also: bad weather, all in the span of 12 hours. "It's San Francisco," of course, is the catch-all excuse for all kinds of questionable behavior, like packing a parka along with your new two-piece for the trip to the beach. You absorb the arched eyebrows and wry looks because you are wise. You know: You will experience three of the four seasons today.

As the mercury dances up and down like a carnival attraction, summertime does have one predictable benefit: longer days and the opportunity to spend time outside before the next La Nina–induced epidemic of SAD. All this time communing with nature and with mimosas on the patio and evenings at the beer garden raises the ancient question: Just where is it acceptable to smoke weed?

Friend, we are here for you. While it stands to reason that anywhere you smell cigarette smoke should be open to cannabis, it's not quite yet the case. But there are a few patios, rooftops, stretches of pavement, and other places to gather.

We'll steer clear of the blindingly obvious—did you know you can smoke marijuana in a park? Have you heard of (furtive stage whisper) Dolores Park? Oh, you're over 40—maybe you'll like this spot called Hippie Hill? Though state law as well as the city parks code both prohibit it, we all know this transpires every day.

Before we begin, we must also offer you a word of kindly advice. You shouldn't use marijuana on federal property. That includes Fort Mason, Crissy Field, the Presidio, Ocean Beach, and any other local land managed by the National Parks Service. It is true that plenty of people do smoke weed on federal land and nothing bad happens; others are rewarded with citations from park police. We should also mention that we're pretty certain at least of few of the below spots may not loooove their inclusion on this list—public consumption is still illegal, after all. So do us a favor and be respectful.


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This place is big. Like, stupid big. There are three bars on two levels, and with varying levels of cover. Are you inside if you're on a porch with only part of a roof? Whatever: People are smoking out on the rooftop, hugging the rail overlooking the Tenderloin (from all of two stories above) so you should feel entitled to duck away from your friends quaffing mimosas to have a toke.

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