Cocoa the mini pony is the newest member of the SFO pet therapy team, called the Wag Brigade.

Cocoa the Therapy Pony, a Secret Movie Theater + More Hidden Gems at SFO


Apparently, SFO is brimming with convivial delights to pass the time.

After a delayed flight or an exceptionally long layover, it's easy to wonder where all the airport amenities are hiding. It only seems reasonable that the good food and best lounges are out there, somewhere. Fortunately San Francisco International Airport (SFO), our major travel hub, has received a series of renovations and expansions to improve the passenger experience and bring in more amenities in recent years; including a new addition to the therapy animal squad, Wag Brigade, Cocoa the pony. This holiday season, in between jetting off to see family and escaping to warmer climates, explore some of SFO's best hidden gems.

SFO Museum Video Arts Program

Watch a rotating selection of short narratives and fun animations at the video arts theater in the international terminal.

SFO Museum's Video Arts program offers a festival of short films in an airport environment. Each week, four films by contemporary artists and filmmakers are featured, from short narratives to fun animations, for airport guests to enjoy. And perhaps the coolest part? The movie theatre automatically starts rolling through the videos when guests enter the space, and goes into a sort of sleep mode when it is no longer occupied. // Pre-security in the international terminal, near ticket counter Aisle 5,

This article was written by Tiffany Mast at TravelBank.


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