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#TBT: The Eccentric History of the San Francisco Mayor's Office


A city as weird and wonderful as San Francisco is bound to have its share of unusual characters at the helm.

With the recent and stunning loss of SF Mayor Ed Lee, we got to wondering about the mayors of our past. What we found were great achievements, as well as plenty of scandals and eccentricities—no surprise there. Take a look at some of the city's most distinguished and notorious mayors in SF history.

The Man Shot by de Young

(via Daily Alta California)

Before Isaac Smith Kalloch became the city's 18th mayor, he was embroiled in a major scandal with Charles de Young, cofounder and editor in chief of the San Francisco Chronicle. De Young accused Kalloch of having an affair; Kalloch, in turn, said de Young was the son of a prostitute. Enraged, de Young shot Kalloch twice. The injured man won the sympathy of the people and was voted into the mayor's office in 1879. De Young was killed by Kalloch's son in 1880.

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