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#TBT: San Francisco's Legendary Fights and Feuds


Everyone loves a good feud, and San Francisco, with its rowdy history, has been riddled with them. For this week's #TBT, we're showcasing some of the SF's most scandalous disagreements.

2. Charles de Young vs. the Kallochs

Charles de Young fires the first shot in his feud with the Revered Isaac Smith.

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In 1879, Charles de Young, co-founder of the San Francisco Chronicle, went after mayoral candidate Isaac Smith Kalloch, accusing him of having an affair. Kalloch responded by saying de Young's mother ran a brothel. Infuriated, de Young shot Kalloch, who survived and was elected mayor. Isaac's son, Isaac M. Kalloch, enacted revenge in defense of his father in 1880 by shooting and killing de Young.

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