The name is big, but with Mondo cannabis powder, you can spike your morning smoothie with the perfect microdose. (Courtesy of Sava)

The Low Dose Movement: A lighter experience makes cannabis approachable


Everyone has their own version of the same story—that time they ate that edible or smoked that joint, and cannabis made them uncomfortable. They were anxious, they fixated on what to say, they wondered how long the feeling would last.

Thankfully, cannabis products have come a long way over the past few years. Understanding of how to dose, what strains to choose, and how to precisely use cannabis to achieve specific results is growing. From microdosing daily to substituting a vape pen for that second cocktail, low-dose cannabis is becoming an approachable alternative to pharmaceuticals and alcohol.

While the definition of low/micro dose varies depending on who you ask, it is generally agreed upon that microdosing is consuming less than 2.5mg at a time; a low dose is around 2.5 to 5mg. A low dose product will have a light psychoactive effect, a microdose should be almost undetectable, especially if the product contains high levels of CBD, which is not psychoactive.

For a lighter experience, try a CBD-dominant blend vape cartridge from Eel River.

Cannabis Instead of Cocktails

"Last night I had half a Garden Society chocolate when I got home. It felt as if I'd had a glass of wine, but I slept well and woke up feeling rested with no hangover," Andrea Brooks tells me.

Andrea is founder of Sava, an online marketplace with a highly curated selection of cannabis products, many of which are low dose. Sava requires all products be lab tested for harmful additives, pesticides, and consistency of dose.

"We get feedback all the time from people who are rediscovering cannabis. They're using lighter edibles, vape pens instead of having that extra cocktail, or instead of having any cocktails at all," she says.

When done right, cannabis provides that same relaxing, euphoric feeling - but instead of making you feel bad it reduces inflammation, you sleep well, and you wake up refreshed. "While this isn't using cannabis for health by treating an ailment," says Brooks, "I see this as an overall wellness benefit to the consumer."

Instead of alcohol, try :

A lower potency vape pen. Both Bloom Farms and Eel River Organics make cartridges that provide a nice dose size, and you can control your dose by taking a smaller or larger inhale. For a lighter experience, try a CBD-dominant blend.

Low dose edibles: Kiva's Petra Mints contain 2.5mg of THC each, Oara Chocolates contain 5mg of THC each (and are easy to split in half).

Microdosing Cannabis for Wellness

"Another low dose trend we're noticing is people using cannabis daily as a supplement to boost mood, creativity, and reduce inflammation," says Brooks.

Known as microdosing, taking cannabis as a supplement is easier to achieve now that tinctures, edibles, and other easy-to-measure products are available. THC can elevate mood. CBD can reduce inflammation. Taken in small regular doses, these compounds can balance your endocannabinoid system and improve overall feelings of wellness.

For Microdosing, try:

Treatwell Tinctures - The Wellness blend is a balance of THC, THCA, CBD, and CBDA. This tincture is best consumed 1-3x daily, ⅓ of a dropper full, with the goal of reducing overall inflammation and balancing the endocannabinoid system. At this dose, there are little to no psychoactive effects.

Mondo Meds Cannabis Powder - a delicious powder to dissolve in your morning smoothie or sprinkle over food. The powder is extremely easy to measure. Start low (1-2 mg), and work your way up to find the minimum effective dose - a dose that boosts mood and general feelings of wellbeing.

Kin Slips - sublingual cannabis strips have a similar effect to smoking or vaping because the cannabis is absorbed directly into your bloodstream instead of being broken down in the liver (like traditional edibles). These delicious, discrete, and easily portable slips come in a variety of doses and are easy to cut into smaller pieces. They have THC and CBD blends.

Sava delivers all over California, and delivers same day in much of San Francisco. They're hosting a series of cannabis social and educational events for those interested in cannabis wellness; for details, go
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