Thievery Corporation launches Lebanese Blonde cannabis strain for Pax

Thievery Corporation launches Lebanese Blonde cannabis strain for Pax


Strong, tasty reefer and vibe-y music are all you need for an epic chill sesh.

Now, the beloved electronic music duo Thievery Corporation is taking it to the next level in a new collab with Pax, San Francisco's OG stylish vape brand.

If you're not a huge Thievery Corporation fan, or if you're wondering what on earth the band has to do with cannabis, allow us to introduce you to Lebanese Blonde, TC's 1997 hit single, inspired by the millennias-old method of making and enjoying hash in Lebanon. (You might guess the song's subject matter from the lyrics "Too low to find my way, too high to wonder why...")

Looking for a fresh way to celebrate that old tune and the mood it conjures up, TC's Rob Garza and Eric Hilton approached Pax through some mutual friends with the idea of creating a cannabis concentrate that would not just bear the song's name, but something that would offer a deeply felt and truly novel experience.

After nine months of R&D, the team hooked up with the award-winning Oakland-based concentrates producer Blue River—the first company to produce full-spectrum cannabis-derived terpenes back in 2013—to concoct their original blend.

"It uses the same methods to make Lebanese hash as was done thousands of years ago, using a sifting process to capture a light or "blonde" colored concentrate from the cannabis plant, but with added terpenes," says Bharat Vasan, CEO of Pax, a brand known for its excellent technology as well as its sleek design (7x7 has called it "the iPhone of vaporizers").

"This yields a unique oil blend unlike anything else on the market, speaks to history of the song, as well as the feelings and emotions it brings up," Vasan adds.

The high-quality, limited edition vape pen and craft oil pods made exclusively for Pax Era is scheduled to launch on, you guessed it, 4/20. If you're looking for a vibe that is "upbeat but calming" (and who isn't?), this is your go-to for this week's stoner holiday.

"We released Lebanese Blonde more than 20 years ago, so this whole adventure is a great tribute to the journey we've been on together as we continue to push ourselves as artists and another way to honor our history, fans, continued innovation and evolution as artists," Garza says.

// Thievery Corporation Pax Era ($30) and Lebanese Blonde pods ($60) will be available for delivery on April 20th via Bay Area Craft; Pax Era can can also be ordered online at

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