A view of the eclipse from San Francisco. (Courtesy of @golnazsh)

28 Trippy Shots of the Solar Eclipse From Around the Bay Area


Thanks a lot, Karl.

Bay Area locals woke up this morning heady with thoughts of catching today's much-anticipated solar event in all its partial glory. We acquired our eclipse-safe glasses, we cleared our calendars, we readied our lawn chairs and Waze maps to various Bay Area lookouts. Some of us even crossed state lines. Then, when the moment came to gaze up at the heavens, we were greeted by a friendly sight: Karl the Fog giving us the proverbial finger.

But even in spite of Karl's best efforts to moon-block, we still got some pretty ethereal views. Check out some of those most incredible snaps from around the Bay Area, and even one from 7x7 writer Renee Alexander who captured utter totality from her perch in Eastern Oregon.

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