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Wellness High: 5 Cannabis Cure-Alls (Without the THC)


If you know even a little bit about cannabis, you've probably heard these three magic letters: CBD.

You may even know a thing or two about cannabidiol, one of 85 active cannabinoids in the marijuana plant known for its anxiety- and inflammation-busting properties (it is also known to help with epileptic seizures and inhibit cancer cells). What's better, CBD has all the benefits of medical marijuana without the reality-altering effects of THC. In other words, not all weed is NSFW!

Here's a handful of our favorite CBD smokes and sweets available in the Bay Area.

Vape It Clean

(Courtesy of rachelarias.com)

Everybody loves vape pens—they're slim, sleek, and flexible, allowing for interchangeable cartridges of various cannabis oils depending upon your mood. But, with no laboratory testing standards in California currently (mandatory testing begins here on Jan. 1, 2018), many of us are vaping levels of pesticides and other contaminants that are illegal to sell in states like Oregon. Gross. For now, we're sticking with a brand that we know has tested clean: The Highest Grade, an Emerald Cup and Chalice Festival award winner, is the gold standard for CO2 cartridges and is available in CBD-rich ACDC. // The Highest Grade ACDC cartridge and pen ($65), instagram.com/thehighestgrade; available at SPARC, 1256 Mission St. (SoMa), sparcsf.org

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