6 Delicious Ways to Microdose Cannabis—From Mini Mints to the Best Pot Brownie Ever
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6 Delicious Ways to Microdose Cannabis—From Mini Mints to the Best Pot Brownie Ever


Wish you could do drugs at work, in an environment where such conduct was tolerated? If you work in Silicon Valley (or in most non-government offices within a 100-mile radius), we bet you already do.

In our age and area, the concept of microdosing—consuming just enough of a desired drug for the body and brain to feel its positive effects without becoming overwhelmed—has become as commonplace as the flexible workweek and tricked-out meeting rooms. While microdosing LSD has been a thing among Silicon Valley elite for some time now, legal and readily available cannabis is a more natural fit for folks looking to enhance the average Tuesday.

Microdosing's many adherents say that minute doses of cannabis (think 10mg or less) can rein in that fleeting idea, quiet a wandering mind, or soothe the neck, back, and wrist strain that comes from days on end slapping at a keyboard and staring at a lit-up screen.

"We believe that, in a couple years, microdosing is going to be the most popular way people use cannabis," Kiva marketing manager Christie Strong told Mashable last fall. And with high-end edibles promising precision dosing, slipping a tiny bit of marijuana into your day has never been easier.

Here are a few of our favorite low-dose treats.


What's a Bay Area office environment without a healthy supply of cold brew coffee? (Nonexistent, that's what.) Take it up a notch with Somatik's Medical Cannabis Cold Brew—made with Ritual Coffee!—is a choice option for on-the-job, functional microdosing. Take note, there's 15 milligrams of THC in each bottle, so you'll want to drink just about one-third of the bottle for an actual microdose. This is an excellent option for those seeking pain relief and relaxation along with a caffeine boost. Yes, it is possible to be both alert and relaxed—welcome to the world of legal marijuana. // Somatik Cold Brew ($14) has 15 milligrams of THC per 8-ounce bottle; available at Cannvis Delivery, getcannvis.com.

// This story brought to you in partnership with our friends at Medithrive.

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