(Courtesy of Winchester Mystery House)

Explore more of the Winchester Mystery House with first new tour in 20 years

More than 12 million guests have visited the legendary Winchester Mystery House since 1923, and now the landmark has opened areas of the home that have never been seen by the public before.

Detailing attic spaces and many unfinished rooms, this tour covers a bevy of history while showcasing rooms that may have once stood outside, but are now engulfed in, the labyrinth-like home that Sarah Winchester continually built for 38 years.

(Courtesy of Winchester Mystery House)

The Explore More Tour accents the home's historically popular tour nicely by diving into the mind of Sarah to explore the manic construction that went on, as well as by showcasing the damage caused by the famous 1906 earthquake that shook the West Coast, all the way from Portland to Los Angeles. You may now stand in a room that once held the base of the infamous seven-story tower that fell over the top of the house, thus ending the towering reign over Sarah's now four-story home.

During your tour, you'll also wind your way from the front doors of Sarah's home through some of the most famous rooms in the house, including the Daisy bedroom, and you can also step out onto the very roof of the Winchester Mystery House.

When designing this tour, the Winchester Mystery House team took special care to place artifacts relevant to those once-closed off rooms that guests can now touch and feel. Guests can pick up swaths of Lincrusta wallpaper, tinker with door handles and locks, and see what materials would have made up these unfinished rooms.

The new Explore More Tour is a fantastic addition to the long-running Mansion Tour, and represents the most comprehensive journey through the mansion that has been offered. This intimate and unique experience (only 10-12 guests per tour) unveils, for the first time, many of the mansion's most hidden and unexplained areas.

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