Cal Academy's First Photo Exhibit Showcases Nature at its Most Stunning


It all began with a simple call to action: What on Earth have you photographed? Featuring the work of award-winning nature, wildlife, and conservation photographers from around the world, Cal Academy's first major photo exhibit, BigPicture, celebrates Mother Nature's most stunning moments, ranging from jaw-dropping to harrowing. 

From a duel between a sparrowhawk and an Eurasian jay, to the majestic peaks of a swelling wave, each image in the new exhibit gives viewers a rare look at nature while snatching your breath away in the process. 

Representing 12 different countries, each photo was chosen from among 6,300+ entries in Cal Academy's BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition, and judged by a panel of some of the most esteemed nature photographers and photo editors around the world.

The grand prize-winning image, The Luckiest Penguin (pictured above), was shot by Paul Souders of Seattle, Washington. This fight-or-flight moment features a Gentoo penguin narrowly escaping a leopard seal’s stealthy advance out of glacial Antarctic waters.

But BigPicture isn't just a conventional gallery show. Perspectives from Cal Academy scientists, woven into the exhibit’s design, offer scientific insight into these striking moments captured.

Check out BigPicture to see more of the incredible imagery, and then go see the show for yourself. 

Starts Friday, August 1: daily 9:30 am – 5 pm, 55 Music Concourse Dr., Golden Gate Park. Get more info

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