Labayen Dance/SF and The DanceWright Project at Dance Mission Theater


Banding together  to unleash a flurry of new dance on the local populace, Labayen Dance/SF and The DanceWright Project bring powerful longevity and a fresh eclectic style to Dance Mission Theater this weekend. 

Combining the dramatic movement of the Asian dance canon with the ripe motion of ballet, Flood Pain Series #3 is a striking piece that looks at relationships between individuals and the larger world. Labayen fuses the delicacy of Asian culture with America's special brand of unflinching brashness into an original physicality and he hopes will serve as a vehicle for understanding the intrinsic humanity beneath every culture.

The DanceWright Project premieres Divine Journey, a take-off on Dante’s Inferno, featuring an archangel who escapes heaven to check out earth. It's an allegory for loneliness expressed via ballet, modern, and hip hop with a humorous twist and an electronica score. 

August 5-7. Dance Mission Theater, 3316 24th Street. Tickets are $18 at and $20 at the door. 


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