Richard Serra's 'Sequence' at SFMOMA (Courtesy of Exhibition Inquisition)

On Location: 16 Instagram Hot Spots for 2018


A well-taken picture is worth a thousand words—and, perhaps, a few hundred (or thousand) likes too.

Another year, another 12 months' worth of Instagram tiling and following (and un-following) friends, trendsetters, and all around photo-savvy handles. But, alas, not every upload is, shall we say, worthy of smashing that little heart icon—let alone leaving a comment trail to follow. Some are good; some are bad; some are utterly enchanting. And a handful have the potential to ascend into the cultural zeitgeist, becoming viral sensations on feeds far and wide.

But no, you don't have to travel to Kenya to have brunch with a giraffe or jet set to Australia and hug a koala; we have more than a few viral-worthy attractions lurking just below the brow of most tourist bottlenecks right here in the Bay Area. Here are 20 "like-able" hubs to help you start your IG profile off on the right foot in 2018.

The Color Factory (Tickets on sale for January and February!)

The Tiled Murals at 24th St. Mini Park

The Paint-Drizzled, Neon-Infused Tub at Spin

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