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25 Cheap Flights From SFO for the Holidays


If the whole holiday schtick has you yearning to escape, consider a cheap domestic weekender or even a spontaneous trip abroad.

Yes, flying over the holidays can cost an arm and a leg, but there are still some deals to be had. Here's 25 cheap(ish) flights leaving SFO in December and January.

Cheap Domestic Flights out of SFO

Las Vegas for $60 (Depart January 18th via Frontier Airlines, return January 28th)

Austin for $114 (Depart December 11th via American Airlines, return December 14th)

Tahoe for $117 (Depart December 17th via United Airlines, return December 24th)

Seattle for $137 (Depart December 18th via Alaska Airlines, return December 23rd)

Washington D.C. for $154 (Depart December 10th via Frontier Airlines, return December 14th)

Chicago for $190 *Overnight layover in Las Vegas, have fun! (Depart December 10th via Frontier Airlines, return December 16th)

New York City for $197 (Depart January 7th via Alaska Airlines, return January 11th)

Boston for $197 (Depart January 6th via Jetblue, return January 11th)

Miami for $200 (Depart December 7th via Frontier Airlines, return December 13th)

Dallas for $213 (Depart December 18th via United and American Airlines, return December 23rd)

Nashville for $264 (Depart December 16th via Frontier and United Airlines, return December 22nd)

New Orleans for $332 (Depart December 7th via Frontier Airlines, return December 13th)

Honolulu for $397 (Depart March 7th via Hawaiian Airlines, return March 12th)

Pro tip: If you come across deals or discounts that sound almost too good to be true, they probably are. Budget airlines such as Spirit usually offer the cheapest face-value tickets, but you can end up paying as much as a $100 per carry-on each way. Triple-check the fine print—seating assignments, carry-on policies, pricing, etc.—before finalizing your booking.

Cheap International Flights out of SFO

Vancouver for $282 (Depart December 17th via Delta Airlines, return December 22nd)

Paris for $376 (Depart December 4th via Norwegian Airlines, return December 13th)

Mexico City for $413 (Depart January 19th via InterJet Airlines, return January 24th)

Cancun for $422 (Depart December 9th via Frontier Airlines, return December 18th)

Amsterdam for $444 (Depart January 18th via SAS Airlines, return January 22nd)

Beijing for $505 (Depart December 4th via United Airlines, December 10th)

Sydney for $706 (Depart January 20th via Air Canada and United Airlines, return January 27th)

Jakarta for $764 (Depart January 19th via Garuda Indonesia, United, and ANA Airlines, return January 28th)

Singapore for $780 (Depart December 5th via United and Cathay Pacific Airlines, return December 11th)

Melbourne for $807 (Depart January 22nd via Air Canada and United Airlines, return January 27th)

Nairobi for $913 (Depart December 4th via Lufthansa, Ethiopian, and United Airlines, return December 14th)

Tokyo for $977 (Depart December 5th via Asiana Airlines, return December 12th)

Pro tip: To save when traveling internationally, regardless of the season, try to book redeye flights leaving between Monday and Wednesday. Generally speaking, mid-week, late-night departures will yield the most affordable ticket prices. Plus, you can fall straight to sleep in one country, and wake up in another.

*Prices accurate at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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