3 Bay Area Psychics Predict the Future of Calexit, the Oakland A's, the Trump Presidency + More
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3 Bay Area Psychics Predict the Future of Calexit, the Oakland A's, the Trump Presidency + More


In an era of what feels like total uncertainty—Will our state secede from the nation; Will the president be ousted? Will the A's also leave Oakland?—it seems we're all looking for answers to help keep hope alive.

Earlier this month, we headed to the Psychic Fair held at The Center SF, a convention that gathers together all kinds of gifted mediums every year at the holistic community center. We asked three tarot readers and psychics a handful of questions about the future of this alternate reality. While they warned that no one can really predict what will happen down the line, these gifted women gave us a glimpse into their own visions for what's to come.

Name: Marie Miller is a rune reader, theta healer, and medium. After living for few years in the Bay Area, Marie Miller now resides in San Diego, and travels to San Francisco on a weekly basis. Trained as a shaman in Ohio, she has more then 10 years of experience in helping people bring clarity to their emotional conflicts. She is specialized in interpersonal relationships and she uses runes, stones which contain ancient alphabetic symbols, to respond to precise questions, and theta method, a technique that tapes into the theta brain wave which is usually awakened during meditation. Miller achieves a peaceful and neutral state of mind where, connected to a spiritual energy, the universe or God, she is able to receive a reply to her clients' needs.

Will Donald Trump be impeached?

Marie Miller: Trump will not likely be impeached, but a foreign government will try to end his term early and fail. He will stay on as a mirror of the issues we need to fix across the country. We are learning the hard way by having him as a leader.

Will the A's leave Oakland?

The heart of the A's is tied to Oakland and they will not leave, though they may flirt with the idea. Plans for the new stadium will be announced next year.

Will Lyft conquer Uber?

Lyft will beat out Uber domestically, maybe even push them out of a few cities. But, internationally Uber will remain strong.

Will California exit the United States?

Calexitwill not happen, even if it makes it onto a ballot. We will continue to try to show the way for the rest of the country. We will choose compassion over segregation.

Where will the next Olympics be?

Budapest 2024

// House of Kellen offers in-person and phone sessions ($120/hour) by appointment, houseofkellen.com

Kim Quinones

Name: Kim Quinones is a San Francisco-based clairvoyant and psychic medium with six years of experience. During her session she uses tarot and oracle cards and a simple pendulum to help people uncover the hidden blocks of resistance they are carrying within them. Her goal is to bring light to true awareness so anyone can walk through life at their most empowered.

Will Trump be impeached?

I got a "yes." With further inquiry, I was told by the spirit guides that he would be impeached in 2017; his Russian ties will be proven; and Republicans will be embarrassed. I asked a few more questions along these lines, and I discovered that we are going to be stuck with Mike Pence. In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats will take back the House and Senate thanks to grassroots organizing, and the damage Trump is doing will be undone. Paul Ryan will lose his seat in 2020.

Will the A's leave Oakland?

The A's will leave Oakland in 2019.

Will Lyft conquer Uber?

Yes, Uber backlash will continue. Lyft will prove to be the better, safer, more transparent company, and they will step up for their employees.

Will California exit?

No, because Trump will be gone.

// Kin Quinones offers sessions over the phone or Skype ( $150 for 60-75 minutes), by appointment, findingclarity.org

Elisa Palma Hancock

Name: Elisa Palma Hancock is an Akashic Records consultant, intuitive coach, and spiritual teacher. Originally from Italy, she started to read tarot cards for friends in her youth. As an adult, she deepened her studies and specialized in Akashic Records. She is currently based in San Francisco where she meets her clients for individual and group consultations. In spiritual literature, the Akashic Records are energetic records about our past, present, and future lives. To access them, Hancock sits in meditation with a particular question. A long and deep connection, sometimes difficult to maintain, will garner very detailed answers for her. This is the reason why she was able to give us just one reply.

Will Trump be impeached?

Elisa Palma Hancock: Trump being elected is the attempt of human beings to become aware of where we might end up if we don't change our course of action. As a worldwide community, we have to create a more just, equal, peaceful environment for everyone, all living beings. Just as each one of us calls into reality our personal life challenges. As a collective, we've set up this chance to create major change in the fastest way possible. This is clear by the number of peaceful protests and spontaneous acts of kindness, love, and fraternity that have come up since November, and even earlier. The greatest teaching from this experience will be how we connect and align with each other more, in a way we haven't been able to do before. President Trump is not the only faulty piece that needs be removed. What's at stake here is much bigger and embraces many more souls than you might think. As you know, removing the symptom of a sickness is not enough to heal completely. There are causes and conditions that need to be addressed before you really begin to feel better. As much as an impeachment might look like the easiest solution, it won't last if real change has not been implemented.

// Elisa Palma Hancock offers phone and in-person sessions ($80/hour), en.elisapalmahancock.com

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