6 Gadgets That Promise a Better Sleep in 2017

6 Gadgets That Promise a Better Sleep in 2017


Whether it's enhanced mattresses and pillow sets or a smart snoring device, the recent influx of tech products want to make it easier than ever to gain some legitimately relaxing shut-eye. For those that have trouble sleeping, you might just find a powerful new soporific in one of these solutions to restlessness.

Sense by Hello

Sense, by the SF-based design firm Hello, is a sleep tracker with a few interesting twists. Through a wireless device that clips to your pillow, Sense not only observes your sleeping patterns and gives you an idea of what happened overnight, but also features sensors that monitor your bedroom's environmental conditions and recommend what can be done to improve your surroundings for sleep. With a smart alarm that promises not to wake you during REM, the $149 device is a great way to become more aware of how you rest and what you can do to get yourself dozing more deeply. // $149, hello.is/3


Intended to improve both the sleep of snorers and bed partners alike, Nora is a clever little pillow insert paired with a deskside device and a pump that you place under your bed. Instead of using a more invasive tactic to stop sound waves, once a user starts snoring, the pillow insert lightly and soundlessly moves up or down to adjust the position of the head and neck so that the snorer is no longer in a position to create an irregular breathing sound. The product also comes with an app that updates you on your snoring patterns, and makes it possible to relieve sufferers without having to wear something on their face or even buy a new pillow. // $300, smartnora.com


If you often find yourself too hot or too cold at night and having fitful sleep as a result, this mattress cover might be just what you're looking for. Eight pairs with a smartphone app to deliver heat to your bed, using its tech to learn and adapt to your ideal comfortable resting temperature over time. It is designed to fit over any mattress, and has dual warming zones that let you and your bed partner customize heat preferences. Moreover, Eight works with other smart home devices such as Nest to reduce heating-related energy costs and with apps on your phone like Apple Health so that you can monitor your sleep without buying another device. // $349, eightsleep.com


This local startup looks to innovate the tired industry of sleep products by coming up with new approaches to the materials that make up your bed. Through diligent user testing, Casper has developed its key product, the mattress, in addition to new lines of pillows and sheets. In addition to the fact that all their wares have wallet-friendly prices, they give you up to one hundred risk-free nights to try out their sleep pieces and return them for a complete refund should you not be satisfied. // $500-$950 per mattress, casper.com


Featuring a line of seven unique mattresses, this startup focuses on creating the most eco-friendly sleep products possible. Using materials such as eco-certified latex, organic cotton and hemp, and plant oil and designing mattresses that eliminate the need for environmentally-harmful box springs, Keetsa makes it possible for consumers to consciously purchase bedding that minimizes the impact on the planet. Keetsa's commitment to being eco-friendly is so staunch, in fact, that it stretches all the way down to when their products are delivered to your door, as their mattresses are designed to be compressed into small shipping boxes that greatly reduce wasteful packaging. // prices vary, keetsa.com


Doze insists that instead of grabbing your regular 2pm latte, you should take a nap instead. A sleep startup aimed at those who are busy, stressed-out, and could use some mid-day shut-eye to recharge, the SF-based space features sleep pods you can reserve for up to an hour in which you can either nap, meditate, or simply unwind from a crazy day. They accept walk-ins and reservations during the business week, and in addition to a “name your price" option, they offer monthly passes for unlimited access. For an unbeatable afternoon nap experience, Doze also offers noise-canceling headphones and chargers to bring your phone back to life while you work on your own tired brain. // $30 per hour for walk-ins, dozesf.com

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