6 Up-and-Coming Female Chefs You Need to Know

6 Up-and-Coming Female Chefs You Need to Know


San Francisco is responsible for cooking up some of the greatest chefs and sommeliers in the world. As this talented group grows, and the competition thickens, it's high time we highlighted a few rockstar women who have really made an impression on the city this year. Pay attention to these names, they’ll become household ones in no time.

Azalina Eusope 

Azalina Eusope is a fifth-generation street food vendor, as well as owner-chef at Azalina’s — a delicious Malaysian restaurant in SoMa. In addition to opening her own restaurant this year, she’s been busy distributing her food at stores around the city. Oh, and she’s also catered for President Obama.

7x7: What inspires you?

AE: My father’s disadvantages in Malaysia inspire me. People that struggle everyday inspire me. Poverty inspires me. The impossible inspires me. Learning the art of not failing inspires me. 

7x7: Is there a type of food you’d say is underrated?

AE: We live in San Francisco, one of the greatest food meccas in the world. Nothing is underrated here. However, I believe there is more food and culture to be discovered.

7x7: When do you feel like the truest version of yourself?

AE: I feel good about myself when I work and push myself. I am literally on my feet between 20 to 22 hours a day. I still am after five years.


Brooke Mosley

Brooke Mosley is the pastry chef at Outerlands — you know, that delicious brunch spot you drool over every Saturday. The 41-year-old is in charge of the restaurant’s dessert and pastry menus which are always impossible to pass up.

7x7: What’s a typical breakfast on a work day?

BM: At work, I drink coffee and water until about 3pm. Sad, but true. I am tasting all day long and my body is so over-stimulated. I don't feel hungry until the day is over. I think most chefs are like that.

7x7: Is there a food that you’d say is overrated?

BM: Anything that screams "I want to be the next cronut/avocado toast,” just for the sake of being the next hot thing. That being said, I effing love avocado toast. I guess I would say the trend of doing food that has been historically accessible and inexpensive — in a less delicious and more expensive way — is something that can go away.

7x7: What’s a non-food related discovery you’ve made lately?

BM: I realized this year that the world won't end if I don't work 80 hours a week. I learned I could take a vacation. I learned how to love reading for pleasure again.


Shannon Waters

Shannon Waters is the executive sous chef at Aaxte, a not-to-be-missed tapas spot in Duboce Triangle. The Chicago-native has spent the last year hustling to open the restaurant with Chef Ryan Pollnow — even after breaking both legs in a ski accident.

7x7: What’s your go-to breakfast on a day off?

SW: SightGlass Coffee in a to-go cup. Sitting down isn't my thing.

7x7: What’s the most underrated food?

SW: A home-cooked meal. There's no better feeling than cooking with family. 

7x7: What inspires you?

SW: Seeing all of my friends and peers achieve their goals. It's a very inspiring environment when you see your friends running after something and getting it.

7x7: Describe 2015 in one word.

SW: Strength.


Lauren Reed

Lauren Reed is the pastry chef de partie at Benu. The East Coast native is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, and has been in San Francisco for a little over two years. She got her baking chops during an internship at Ron Ben-Israel Cakes in Manhattan. 

7x7: What’s a non-food related discovery you’ve made lately?

LR: I've been reading a lot about art forgery and its place throughout history. Maybe that's not a discovery, but I'm totally fascinated by it.

7x7: What’s a typical breakfast on a work day? What about a day off?

LR: I don't normally eat a large breakfast during the week. I'll have some coffee at work and fruit if I have the time. The restaurant is closed every Sunday and Monday, so on either one of those days, my best friend and I have pho for breakfast in the Tenderloin. It's the best kind of tradition.

7x7: Is there a type of food you’d say is underrated?

LR: Scrambled eggs!


Allegra Angelo 

Allegra Angelo is currently the wine director and sommelier for Mercer Restaurant Group (AQ and Bon Marché Brasserie). In addition to curating the best wine lists in town, she’s been working on building a pop-up called “Bottle-Coat” — a manicure/pedicure wine experience.

7x7: Where’s your favorite spot to have a glass of wine?

AA: The wine table at AQ. We have such a small, but inspiring collection of wine. I get to drink the greatest wines in the world every night. 

7x7: What inspires you?

AA: I'm inspired by fashion and dance. If I'm feeling lazy, I'll watch choreographed pop and hip-hop dance videos from dance studios in LA and New York. If I had an extra free night, I'd like to enroll in classes at City Dance in San Francisco.

7x7: Describe 2015 in one word.

AA: Progress.


Trish Tracey 

Trish Tracey is the owner and chef at Myriad Gastropub, a new spot in the Mission. After working behind the scenes at Momo’s, Helios Global Brasserie, and Thirsty Bear, she decided to take on her own solo venture with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. 

7x7: Describe 2015 in one word.

TT: Accomplish! 

7x7: What’s a non-food related discovery you’ve made lately?

TT: Essential oils. I use them for everything from staying calm to energy boosting, fighting off colds or just making my water taste good. I am always rubbing them on my staff to cure “what ails them.”

7x7: What are some challenges you face in the food industry and how do you overcome them?

TT: Running a restaurant in San Francisco has its own set of challenges because it is a very expensive city. So balancing the creative side of being a chef with the financial responsibilities of business ownership keeps you on your toes. I try to approach it from a base point of keeping hospitality at the heart of everything we do. Treating our guests, employees and vendors with respect and keeping in mind that it is a business, and I have obligations to all of those people as well as my investors. It’s all about balance, and sometimes a little tequila is helpful!

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