7x7 Talks With the SF Giants About Giving Back to Our Community's Kids

7x7 Talks With the SF Giants About Giving Back to Our Community's Kids


Buster Posey gets mobbed by fans (what's new), Matt Cain explains his love for SF restaurants, and Angel Pagan steals our hearts! 7x7 met with some very important players to get their thoughts on the upcoming season and their involvement with the Junior Giants at the 2013 Play Ball Lunch. And we must say, our boys clean up pretty darn well.

Fans crowded into the Hilton's Grand Ballroom to get autographs from their favorite team members at the players' reception prior to the Junior Giants 2013 Play Ball Lunch. The chaos died down as the event transitioned into the more intimate lunch program, where some special Junior Giants got to sit and have lunch with the players! Find out how you can get involved and help with this fantastic cause. Even Buster Posey is doing it!

Paul Giuliacci | Giants Community Fund

Can you briefly explain to our readers what Junior Giants does for kids in our community?

Junior Giants is a youth baseball program for under-privileged kids all over Northern and Southern California. We have over 20,000 kids that play in a free, co-ed baseball program that underlines the value of character development. We work with these kids in programs focused on education, health, and violence prevention.

What are the program's main goals?

To get the kids off the streets. Keep them in an active, quality program that teaches them life skills that hopefully will stay with them long beyond their playing days.

How involved do these players get with the program?

The players are involved through fundraisers and through a lot of our messaging, video and handbook materials. They reinforce the core elements of the program, like the importance of reading, eating right, staying physically fit, and treating your teammates with respect.

What do the kids here today hope to get out of this event?

Today is just a unique opportunity. They get to go sit and have lunch with a San Francisco Giants player. What better role model opportunity for these kids than to be paired up with a Giants player in that capacity at our signature fundraiser?

How can people in the community help?

Ways to help would be primarily coaching. That’s the largest need that we have in our program. They can go online to jrgiants.org and find a league in their community. They can volunteer to be a coach or a team parent and help out and assist in their local community.


Matt Cain | SF Giants Pitcher

What has your involvement with the Junior Giants been like?

We were able to put up a field in Sacramento through the Junior Giants, which is great. They got a great new field out there for them to play on. It’s nice for them to be able to have a field that’s good like that. It's just fun and great to have the Junior Giants out all the time and to participate with them.

What was going through your mind while you pitched that perfect game?

Trying to keep it going. Trying not think as much as possible really. Trying to let Buster really do all the thinking. 

Favorite thing to do in San Francisco?

Favorite thing? Probably trying new restaurants. I love Ozumo. I love Paxti’s. I mean anywhere, really. I love a lot of places.

Message to your SF fans?

Keep supporting us. That’s the reason we’re having so much fun!


Buster Posey | SF Giants Catcher

What is your involvement like with the Junior Giants?

We teamed up with Toyota last year and we renovated a little league field. There’s just different things you do with the teams. 

How’s life changed since winning the MVP?

I wouldn’t say it’s changed a whole lot. Probably more off the field opportunities as far as different sponsors. I try to keep it pretty low key.

How do you feel about the team going into the season? Are you all pretty confident?

Yeah, we are. It’s been a long spring training, and we’re just ready to get going.


And with that, we left the guys to their fans. Time to play ball!

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