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After Being Abandoned in Oakland, Pirate the One-Eyed Pup Has a Great New Life


If you're worried about the state of the world, one look at this adorable one-eyed pup will make everything right again.

Pirate McQuaid (also known as @heyitspirate on Instagram), was abandoned in Oakland in 2012, before being rescued and rehabilitated by the SFSPCA. The before images are pretty rough, but now Pirate is in a loving forever home with his new owners Samantha and Greg McQuaid (Sam runs the Instagram), eating all the cheese and cabbage he could ever want and making amazing Leonard Cohen tributes on YouTube.

"He means the world to us both and brings us so much joy," said Greg. "He was in pretty bad shape when we adopted him but after many walks, trips to the beach and a decent haircut, he quickly turned into the cute, quirky little guy he is today. We can only imagine what led to him being abandoned on the streets of Oakland but we're determined to make up for whatever the poor little dog went through."

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