Break Out That Flannel Shirt & Celebrate Debaser's 3 Year Anniversary Tonight


If you've ever howled along to the Smashing Pumpkins or Hole in your living room late at night, wishing you could share those songs' epic moments with other bleeding-heart 90s fans, get your butt down to 111 Minna tonight to share in the epic, drunken hoopla that will be Debaser's 3-year anniversary party.

For five bucks you can get in on their biggest shindig to date, where 111 Minna's two rooms will be jam packed with flannel-wearing, Doc Marten boots-kicking, babydoll dress-swinging dancing fools swilling beer to DJ Jamie Jams, Emdee and Stab Master Arson's all-vinyl spinathon. The icing on the cake? A jaunt down post-hardcore memory lane with Repeater, the Bay Area's very own Fugazi cover band!

They'll also project slideshows of Debaser's best moments from over the years captured on memory card, which will be quite the photo montage of crowd surfing, sweat drenched twenty-somethings. As always you can get in for free before 11 pm if you're sporting flannel or a babydoll dress. See you on the dancefloor.

111 Minna St., 415-974-1719.

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