Can You Escape From These Interactive Rooms in Time? (+ Win Tickets)

Can You Escape From These Interactive Rooms in Time? (+ Win Tickets)


The newest trend in interactive gaming foregoes the digital realm altogether. Inspired by escape-the-room video games like Crimson Room and QP-Shot, real life escapes lock teams in rooms filled with riddles, puzzles, and clues that, when connected, unlock the door.

Technology is strictly prohibited, as participants are encouraged to tap into their brain power and work together as a team to find a way out. With themes running from frightening to fantastical to just plain weird, there’s bound to be a room for every type of problem solver. Pick a room and round up a group of your smartest friends, make it a family affair, invite co-workers for a team building experience, or go solo and join a group of strangers.


Wake up to find yourself locked in the cell of the (now dead) notorious serial killer Water White, better known as the "Night Stalker." Rumor has it that the next prisoner to stay in his room disappeared after discovering a strange machine. Stuck inside the infamous chamber, all you know is that you need to escape—quick. Hint: watch out for lasers.

Not too keen on being locked in a penitentiary? Enter Room Omega to investigate the sudden disappearance of Professor Stanley who, his students say, was about to publish new findings on multiple time dimensions before he vanished. Make sure to note any clues related to time, before yours runs out.

Omescape's Forgotten Treasure room transports you back to a world of cunning pirates and buried riches. Solve the cryptic map left behind by a crooked captain-turned-pirate, and unearth caskets brimming with jewels, chests of gold, and bags of unusual coins. Remember, teamwork is crucial.

Duration: 60 minutes. $28/person for all rooms. Participants: 4-10 (varies for each room). 5327 Jacuzzi Street, Suite 3H, Richmond.

Puzzle Break

An evil witch has locked you in a room, and the only way to break her spell is to solve the multiple puzzles scattered around the room, and locate the hidden clues. Reminder: don't overlook the staff, whose periodic hints may just help you find the key.

Duration: 60 minutes. $27/person. Participants: 6-12. 1142 Grant Ave, 2nd Floor, Jack Kerouac Alley.

Real Escape Room

Trapped in a covert laboratory that is speculated to be involved in time travel, you must maneuver a series of intricate clues in order to discover a way out. Use your time wisely. If you don't find the key to the exit, you'll be dropped into the spatiotemporal distortion, never able to return.

Channel your inner detective and take a closer look at the seemingly normal furnishings of the Mysterious Room. The desk, chairs, and carpet may appear typical, but upon further inspection, you'll find a sequence of puzzling codes. Tackle the problem hands on by moving the furniture to reveal helpful clues and strange items, and if you succeed in solving the riddle, open the final door with your own hands.

Duration: 90 minutes, including introduction. $29/person in advance; $33/person at the door. Participants: up to 11. 1746 Post Street.

Trapped! Escape Room

After transversing the apocalyptic world in search of an oasis, you and your friends find yourselves at the entrance of Concordia. The self-professed utopian society seems like the answer to your prayers, but as you're ushered to the welcome lounge, you start to get the sense that something is up. Further inspection reveals that your instinct was right. Can you solve the riddles in time to make it out before it's too late?

With zero recollection of how you ended up locked in this apparently ordinary room, all you know is that there has to be a way out. After you take in your surroundings, it becomes clear that these everyday items are anything but conventional. Think critically and work together with your teammates to find the exit to this Strange Room.

Duration: 60 minutes. $30/person. Participants: 6-11. 3777 Stevens Creek Boulevard #340 (Central Computer building), Santa Clara.

Room Escape Adventures

Are you smarter than a zombie? Enter this room and find out. Move around as many things as you can to find clues, and use your brainpower to solve the tricky riddles. But, don't forget about the hungry zombie chained to the wall! Every five minutes, the pressure will build as its chain is released another foot. Keep in mind that when you get touched by the crawling zombie, you are required to remain seated for the rest of the game. However, you can still participate verbally.

Duration: 60 minutes. $28/person. Participants: up to 12. 660 Bryant Street.


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