Champion Mountain Biker Katerina Nash Talks Northern California Riding

Champion Mountain Biker Katerina Nash Talks Northern California Riding


Northern California is the birthplace for mountain biking, and some of the best riders in the world are right here in our backyard. Truckee resident Katerina Nash is the best of the best: four-time Olympian, cyclocross world-cup winner, Sea Otter stage winner and mountain bike world cup champion.

We caught up with Katerina in between training sessions to talk about Northern California mountain biking, being on the only all-woman pro mountain bike team, and why she loves the most painful sport in the world: cyclocross

You’ve had some pretty big wins in your competitive history—World Cup in cyclocross, Sea Otter stages, NORBA Nationals. What victory are you most proud of?
My last two days of (mountain bike) MTB World Cup win in Canada. It was my first MTB WCup win ever and it felt very special after trying to get that one for many years.

You’re on Team Luna Chix, the only all-women bike team. What’s your advice for women who want to get involved in competitive biking?
Finding a good group of people to train and travel with. Don't hesitate to ask questions whenever you have a chance.

You’ve been on Team Luna Chix for longer than anyone else–what keeps you connected to that team?
A shared interest in cycling, racing, travel, and adventure.

You won the World Cup in cyclocross, one of the toughest races. What do you love about cyclocross?
It's dynamic and ever-changing. Races are challenging in terrain and very diverse, and it goes fall through winter. I have ridden in the Nevada desert,  Belgium sands, and even snow. The variety is amazing.

Sometimes it’s hard to find fun, legal single tracks to ride in Northern California. What are your favorite NorCal spots for trails?
Tahoe is very good for mountain bike training because there are many legal trails. Certain sections of Tahoe Rim trail are my favorite.

For city dwellers looking to tear it up on Tahoe trails, where do you recommend?
Tahoe Rim, Donner Lake Rim, Hole In The Ground, and North Star.

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