Meet Dr. Lior Tamir, Silicon Valley's Top Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Lior Tamir.

Meet Dr. Lior Tamir, Silicon Valley's Top Cosmetic Dentist


San Mateo–based cosmetic and reconstructive dentist Dr. Lior Tamir is focused on providing minimally invasive dentistry and personalized care.

An admitted perfectionist, he's just the guy you want when you have a particularly challenging dental situation to solve—Dr. Tamir combines cutting edge technology and good old-fashioned experience to design and execute perfect smiles.

One of his patients, Missy from Florida, is an interesting recent case study.

"Unlike many cases where we are treating purely for aesthetics, in Missy's case we had to treat the function," Dr. Tamir says.

"Missy had worn down her teeth and her bite had completely collapsed. We started off by recalibrating her muscles and identifying the ideal position for her lower jaw to meet her upper jaw. From there, we designed the teeth to restore the correct function. We had to lengthen her teeth to achieve both the esthetic and functional results. The dentistry we do in cases like this is rejuvenating and reverses aging. We essentially restored the length and function of the teeth to where they were 40 years ago."

One thing Missy especially noted is how real her finished veneers look. Dr. Tamir shares credit with the practice's master ceramist Phil Nebecker.

"Phil is a true artist and not only understands the material science behind creating life-like teeth but also how they’re supposed to function. In planning for this case, Phil and I had several discussions on where we want the teeth to be. With the power of digital tools I’m able to scan changes I make and Phil can visualize what I want in 3-D, incorporating it into the final product," Dr. Tamir explains.

"My veneers look like they are my teeth and that was my goal," Missy says. Learn more about her process in the interview below.

Missy, before treatment.

(Courtesy of Dr. Tamir)

Missy, after treatment.

(Courtesy of Dr. Tamir)

What was your reason for wanting/needing to get veneers?

After 40 years of grinding, I wore my front teeth down to nothing. And even after braces, my bite was totally off. I would try not to smile too big, and would go as far as using my bottom lip to cover my upper teeth. My teeth got smaller and smaller and this created extreme pain, to the point that my jaw would barely open.

What outcome where you looking to achieve?

I knew I had to do something about the pain. I wanted to be able to smile again without being self-conscious. I wanted my teeth not to be discolored and chipped. I wanted my bite to feel better and for my teeth to look young again.

How did you find Dr. Lior Tamir and what made you decide to go to his practice?

A friend referred me and I flew all the way from Florida for a consultation. As soon as I met Dr. Lior I knew I made the right decision. He understood my symptoms and spent over an hour walking me through the process. He had so many amazing pieces of technology, which really helped me understand the scope of the treatment and gave me the confidence to move forward. It was a big commitment, but I decided that I would fly back and forth from Florida for my treatment.

What was the process like?

First, Dr. Lior made me a device that I wore for a week to recalibrate my jaw. I could feel all my muscles relax and I was able to open my mouth again. After a week, records were taken and Dr. Lior used this to create a blueprint for my new smile. From there, the process was straightforward. The next appointment, my teeth were shaped for the veneers. A few weeks later, I flew back for the final delivery. Dr. Lior’s entire team always accommodated and helped make sure my experience was seamless.

Tell us about the results.

I cannot believe the detail that makes the veneers look so realistic and I couldn’t be happier with how my new smile looks. It's totally changed my life. I used to wake up every morning with jaw pain and headaches. I almost forgot what it was like to not wake up with pain. It's been over a year now, and my smile looks amazing and I feel so great.

Missy's teeth before and after treatment with Dr. Lior Tamir.

When it comes to getting veneers, every case is unique and some may be purely for aesthetic reasons.

"Patients may want whiter teeth or they want more volume to fill in empty spaces when they smile. Some patients are like Missy and need full mouth rehabilitation to restore both the function and the smile. One very unique aspect of my practice is that we have an incredible oral surgeon on our team, Dr. Oz Simel. This allows us to take on very complex cases that require both surgical and restorative needs. It's taken us years to build a world class team, allowing us to deliver incredible smiles."

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Dr. Lior Tamir

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