Engaged? 13 Magical Spots for Photo Shoots in the Bay Area
Franchesca and Che Hashim celebrated their engagement with a photo shoot at the Conservatory of Flowers. (Photo by Jenn Emerling)

Engaged? 13 Magical Spots for Photo Shoots in the Bay Area


You've decided to spend the rest of your days with the love of your life. Once upon a time, you might have shouted your happiness from the rooftops. But in modern-day San Francisco, you're most likely planning to flood your social feeds with shiny, mushy selfies (#couplegoals, #humblebrag).

Sure, your iPhone X can handle it, but why not go for gold and hire a real human to capture the moment for you—there are tons of wonderful pro photogs here in the Bay Area. You'll want to choose a location that fits your vibe as a couple; and if you're a real bridezilla, one that matches your wedding color palette (we know there are a few of you out there!). Luckily, there's literally no shortage of photogenic sites both inside the city and just a few miles away. See where these Bay Area couples said "We almost do!" for the camera, and perhaps find your own photographer along the way.

Your 'Hood

Kendall and Hameed, on the streets of San Francisco.

(Photo by Encarnacion Photography)

What more personal place to capture your romance than your very own neighborhood? Take your photog to your local haunts—where you hang, eat, and explore together.

Need help conceiving your perfect engagement photo shoot? Get 10 tips from wedding photog Vivian Sachs.

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