Found Footage Collection, "Radical Light", Shows Tonight @ Victoria Theatre


In the Bay Area's everlasting spirit of DIY, spontaneous anti-Art the Beat, Hippie and punk generations have left in their wake, the phenomenon of found footage filmmaking lives on in the screening of Radical Light: Bay Area Found Footage--from Junk to Funk to Punk at the Victoria Theatre tonight at 7:30 pm.

Curated by Craig Baldwin, almost a dozen imaginative short films spanning several decades will be shown as part of SF Cinematheque's exploration of bricolage art. Look for Dean Snider's Stink (1984), William Farley's Being (1975), Bruce Conner's Cosmic Ray (1961), Gibbs Chapman's an examination of exhibits A(1) through E(5) and many more shining across the silver screen.

It's $5 for SF Cinematheque members (join here to become one), and $10 for non-members.

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