Get Your Sweet Tooth On at the California Candy Festival This Weekend


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Name a food and California probably excels in it. Heck, California might have well invented the dish, or at least a popular variation on it. Hamburgers have a big place in our state's culinary past, and a lot of famous cocktails, too. And, yep, the Cobb salad. But there are a number of sweet stories, too, like LA-born See's Candies and Jelly Belly, which has strong Oakland ties and now is headquartered in Fairfield. The Jelly Belly Visitor's Center is also the site for the annual California Candy Festival, a gathering that not only spotlights a certain wee bean but all sorts of other confections, too. It's celebrating its second year this year, and is set to roll in sugar and be dipped in honey on Saturday, Sept. 22 and Sunday, Sept. 23.

Click here for more details on the awesome California Candy Festival!

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