Impossible-to-Kill Plants for Your Office

Impossible-to-Kill Plants for Your Office


Beyond adding life to any drab workstation, office plants, according to recent studies, provide a range of wellness benefits including improved air qualitystress reduction, and increased productivity. We hit local nurseries to round up the best cubicle-proof plants. 

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

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Also known as a Snake Plant or Good Luck Plant, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue comes in a myriad of varieties and sizes to match any workspace. Michelle Reed, owner of Roots in the Mission, recommends it for its tolerance to low light. NASA ranks it among the best plants for improving air quality.  //  425 S. Van Ness Ave. (Mission),


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A terrarium's glass enclosure helps retain heat and moisture to create a tiny tropical island indoors. Mission curiousity shop Paxton Gate is a terrarium lover’s dream, featuring San Francisco artist Jose Agatep’s one-of-a-kind landscapes under recycled glass and a DIY station to build your our office oasis from scratch.  //  24 Valencia St. (Mission),


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More often called an Air Plant, Tillandsia absorbs water and nutrients through its leaves rather than through soil. In other words, it's a no-mess plant that can be hung, pinned, or simply placed in a decorative container. Joe Pearce, from Succulence in Bernal Heights, recommends these for their ease of care. Just give them a little sunlight (fluorescent light will do), an occasional spritz of water and, of course, air.  //  402 Cortland Ave. (Bernal Heights),

ZZ Plant

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You’ll appreciate Zamioculcas’ pretty, glossy foliage while at the office, and its amazing ability to cope with low light and long stretches of drought when you're away on business. David Gray, who has been running Hortica in the Castro for nearly 20 years, sells ZZ Plants and beautiful pottery. His expert advice is free.  //  566 Castro St. (Castro), 415-863-4697

Golden Pothos

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The fast-growing Golden Pothos is known for it's ability to thrive even without much help and helps remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene lurking near parking garages and roadway windows. If you lack a shelf or space for this vine to spread out, Plant Warehouse in Nob Hill carries many other hearty varities to taylor fit your office space.  //  1624 California St. (Nob Hill), 415-885-1515

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