Inside the Instagram-Worthy House of Woodworker Aleksandra Zee


A look at the cozy space of lumber queen Aleksandra Zee, who wields wood into the highly covetable geometric triangles and rectangular panels seen at Monk's Kettle, Intermix, and other creative spaces around the city. The woodworker emphasizes, however, that her living space—shared with musician boyfriend Antrom Kury of SF band Eyes on the Shore and their dog Jack—rather than her workspace, is where her inspiration lies.

“Where I live, sleep, and dream is where my inspiration is born, so keeping it calm and inspiring is very important to me," says Zee.

Walking into her creative sanctuary, the same fundamentals of Zee's art appear in her home—composed, organic elements that blend seamlessly into each other, narrating tales of desert roaming escapades.

See for yourself.

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