iPhone 3.0 Unveiling and More!


Sorry, Halloween, the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) has you beat as our favorite time of the year. Our mouths are watering with all the announcements being made at Moscone West. Thanks, Jason Snell of Macwold for keeping us abreast of all things Keynote related.

Stuff we're pumped about:

We knew iPhone 3.0 was coming. Glad to hear we can now cut and copy. Duh? Should have been on 1.0. And MMS (i.e. texting your pics), which is now available too. Tethering, or using your phone as a wireless antenna for your computer, is all set to go. At least for every other carrier except AT&T. We hear the boos from here.

New and improved Macbook Pros. Now, the 13-inch has firewire 800. Another duh? The 15-inch has the "nicest display we've ever put in an notebook," so says Apple. Plus, they've gone to the built-in battery with 7 hours of battery life! Good for the environment, bad for those who like to replace their batteries.

More iPhone news. It's getting faster... now 3GS. The "S" stands for speed. All those people who can't wait 10 seconds for an app to open can load Scrabble 2.4x faster.

Take video with your iPhone. Clunky PDAs of yesteryear were shooting video long ago. Need I say Duh? But here, you can edit with a tap of your finger, picking an in-point and end-point and hitting "trim." Then share to the world! Woo hoo.

For those that like to control things with their mouths, Apple announced Voice Control. Now you can verbally abuse your iPhone into doing things you're too lazy to tap out. Like, "Call, Chinese takeout." Or, "Play ABBA now before I drop you in the toilet again."

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