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Why is it that the single mention of singer/songwriter completely turns the general public into silent submission? Admit it, you see a show listed, and the first thing it says is “acclaimed singer/songwriter from…” and you completely skip over the listing. Why is that? There’s a great tragedy in that opinion of dismissal. Mostly because you’d be missing intelligent, hilarious, and very talented artists like Bhi Bhiman.

He’s got a voice that quite honestly doesn’t need a full band to back him up, and his finger picking skills can definitely stand on their own. If you add on the wit, and genius lyrics, this guy's the full package. Fitted in a suit and sneakers (very fitting of his musical style - refined and beautiful, yet casual and grimy at the same time), Bhi took to his set list like a bulldozer, plowing straight through with barely a breath in between. To that effect, the audience really got what they paid for - nearly an entire album of songs, and no useless banter, just music. From his heart-warming made-up love ballad gone awry "Equal In My Tea," about the brush off from a lady friend, to the sarcastically amusing tune "White Man's Burden Blues," and social commentaries like "FDA Blues," about medicating the masses - each song has their own gem of individuality. After seeing such a well-crafted performance like Bhi's, I had but one question at the end, why isn't this guy more famous?

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