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McSweeney's Beautifully Skewers Louise Linton, Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices + More Bay Area Stories


In all the horrible news of Nazis and unhinged politicians this week, here are some lighter headlines you may have missed.

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Want an iPhone 8? That'll Be $999. (New York Mag)

Although Apple hasn't yet begun requesting its customers fork over their first-born child and a bag of gold in exchange for the latest iPhone, it seems to be getting pretty close. Read more...

Louise Linton's Guide to Fall Fashion Advice for Poors (McSweeney's)

Greetings #peasants, it's me, Louise Linton, in a beautiful #hermesscarf and #tomford sunnies. You may know my husband, Steve Mnuchin, America's Secretary of Treasure. Or you may be familiar with my work as a film star, from my turn as Samantha in Crew 2 Crew to 2013's The Power of Few, where I played the role of "Cory's Mother" #crew2crew #corysmom. I am also #rich, and probably paid more taxes on my #farragamo pants than you have in your entire worthless life. Read more...

Amazon to cut prices at Whole Foods starting Monday (SFGate)

Amazon.com Inc. is wasting no time bringing its reputation for undercutting competitors to the grocery business through newly acquired Whole Foods Market Inc. Read more...

'It's not for me': how San Francisco's bike-share scheme became a symbol of gentrification (The Guardian)

A mutilated bicycle was spotted hanging in a tree on a San Francisco street. Another was dumped in a lake in Oakland. Nearby, a row of parked bikes had their tires slashed. The Ford-sponsored bike-share program has suffered a rocky expansion in California this summer, marked by a spate of bizarre and destructive acts of vandalism. Read more...

49ers Katie Sowers opens up as LGBT coach (East Bay Times)

Katie Sowers is not only the first female ever on a 49ers coaching staff, she is also the NFL's first openly LGBT coach, male or female. Read more...

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