New Year's Hacks: 49 Tips and Tricks for Being Your Best Self in 2016


If, like us, you have a million things you need to get done in 2016 (get in shape, learn to meditate, save money, go on vacation, etc.), you could probably use a little help. Luckily, the Bay Area is jam packed with all the hikes, juice shops, boutiques, and apps you need to make 2016 the best year of your life. 

7 Sweaty Ways to Get in Shape in San Francisco

7 Ways to Keep Calm + Find Inner Peace in San Francisco​

7 SF Beauty Brands to Help You Refresh Your Regimen

7 Ways to Eat Well in the Bay Area in 2016

7 Local Ways to Jeuje Your Closet and Home​

Sign up for 7 Easy Hobbies in San Francisco​

 7 ​Tips to Save Money + Give Back to the Bay Area

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