Pride Weekend Playlist: 7 of the Gayest Mashups From Bootie SF

Pride Weekend Playlist: 7 of the Gayest Mashups From Bootie SF


Adrian & Mysterious D are the DJs and creators of Bootie SF, the world's biggest mashup bootleg party — a sweaty dance fiesta that goes down every Saturday night at DNA Lounge. We asked the duo to write on what Pride Means to them, and as an extra treat, they whipped up this playlist for your Pride Weekend parties. Get ready to dance. Happy Pride!

As two people who grew up always feeling somehow "different," Pride is an annual reminder that being "different" is something to be cherished and celebrated, not hidden from society's view. Pride is, after all, a celebration — a celebration of living openly and honestly, of being unafraid to proclaim to the world who and what you are, and of being proud of the LGBT community. At least that's what it is for us.

It's also a great time to throw a party! And while our weekly Bootie SF party has always prided itself (pardon the pun) on being very mixed — we like to call it "San Fransexual" — on Pink Saturday, we do our best to turn it into the "gayest Bootie evah!" How? Download the following seven mashups to get a taste.

A Plus D - You Believe Me All Night Long (Cher vs. AC/DC)

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Bootie's house band Smash-Up Derby originally created this mashup, a classic genre-clash that sometimes takes straight dudes uncomfortably by surprise, while their girlfriends and gay best friends sing along in delight. Gayest AC/DC song ever?

Dan Mei - I Kissed A Dancer (Katy Perry vs. Snap!)

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We had to include a mashup of Katy Perry's infamous ode for bi-curious (and yes, just plain ol' bisexual) women everywhere!

Futuro - Boys Who Luv Boys Who Survive (Gloria Gaynor vs. Blur)

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Breathing new life into "I Will Survive" (surely one of the most tired, yet still beloved, gay anthems ever), this one mashes it up with Blur's "Girls & Boys." Of course, the addition of a clever lyric swap makes this one extra fun: "Boys who love boys who love boys..."

DJ Schmolli - S.O.S. It's Weeping Tainted Men (Rihanna vs. Soft Cell vs. Weather Girls vs. Skunk Anansie)

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"It's Raining Men" and "Tainted Love" date back to the early '80s, yet both have become gay "standards," handed down from generation to generation by our collective queer culture. Adding Rihanna into the mix helps bridge a 25-year gap, and Skunk Anansie (a little-known UK band from the '90s with a dyke lead singer) adds a bit of indie cred.

DJ Spark - Funky/Gorgeous (Lipps Inc. vs. Scissor Sisters)

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'70s disco meets nu-disco in this classic mashup, which was practically Bootie's theme song for our first few years! Celebrates and glorifies the hot tranny mess in all of us!

Stein-Vidar - Like a Virgin At The Y.M.C.A. (Bootie Edit) (Madonna vs. Village People)

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Straight or gay — especially after a drink or three — it seems like practically EVERYONE loves these two songs. Put 'em together, and you've got mashup gold. Or cheese. Or both.

Wax Audio - Lady Judas (Lady Gaga vs. Judas Priest)

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When Rob Halford, lead singer of heavy metal band Judas Priest, came out, it came as no surprise to leather daddies and gay metalheads in-the-know. That studded leather was a hint! Lady Gaga pays homage to Rob's look in her video for "Judas," so why not add the "Priest?"

Bootie SF happens every Saturday night at DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St., San Francisco. Special Pride edition with Lady Gaga vs. Madonna Mashup Night, this Saturday, June 25.

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