How Catty: SF Teen Slapped With Cease & Desist for Her Website That Lets You Take a Swipe at Trump's Face


Anyone who's ever wanted to scratch Donald Trump's eyes out got their wish recently thanks to the website, coded by a 17-year-old San Francisco girl named Lucy.

You can surf on over and take furry pawed swipe after swipe at the president's face while Rick Astley's 1980s hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" plays in the background. For anti-Trump Bay Areans, it almost couldn't get better....but it does.

While the site is little more than a fun, likely late-night project for a tech-savvy teen girl (who's no doubt getting lots of LOLZ from her Facebook friends), President Trump, often called out for his thin skin in the face of any kind of poking or prodding, has apparently ordered his legal team to issue Lucy a cease-and-desist to shut the site down.

According to the Observer, the teenager received a notice from Trump's general counsel within three weeks of her site going live, turning what began as the hilarious result of three hours of coding practice into a legal mess—and a national headline. After consulting her family's lawyer, Lucy changed the name of her site from TrumpScratch to Kittenfeed, but Trump's team is still coming after her.

Nonetheless, Lucy's keeping it up. Click on over for a solid laughternoon break.

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