Ranking Robin Williams' Best and Worst Movies

Ranking Robin Williams' Best and Worst Movies


Whether you admire his hairy arms or you moved here because of Mrs. Doubtfire, everyone has a soft spot for Robin Williams. 

Last week, local investigative unit Mother Jones—the folks who first outed Romney's 47% quote—took a break from their very serious lives to rank all of Jim Carrey's movies. After our initial relief that Liar Liar was indeed number one (and our dismay that Pet Detective ranked so low), we were inspired. 

So, in honor of San Francisco's very own funny man, here are Robin Williams' best and worst movies, ranked. Sorry, we're not sorry. 


1. Aladdin

2. The Birdcage

3. Good Will Hunting

4. Dead Poets Society

5. The Fisher King

6. Insomnia

7. Mrs. Doubtfire

8. World's Greatest Dad

9. The World According to Garp

10. Jumanji

11. Good Morning Vietnam

12. Awakenings

13. What Dreams May Come

14. Popeye

15. Hook


10. Bicentennial Man

9. Jack

8. Flubber

7. Nine Months

6. Death to Smoochy

5. RV

4. Toys

3. One Hour Photo

2. Patch Adams

1. Jakob the Liar 

By Sarah Medina and Brock Keeling

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